25th May 2009

Is a day where I slacked throughout but was happy! =D

Sometimes there are just people who do not add stress to your life and yet can brighten you up without any specific works and ways. Just simply by doing nothing or probably by their sole presence. It is nice =D

Many had to do the literature review which I will only take in my third year last semester *shivers* Many did not get to sleep in order to complete and there was weird stories on how some sacrifice just for PLUM >< HAHA. But then the very next day, after the work is all done, they all went for Red Box. I used to sleep in those singing sessions. But this semester, its bad, I go shopping. Twice already that I end up so much more poorer! TT Ok, probably I should not really complain because I enjoyed =D

I got things for my family and friends =D I love buying things for people, especially for people whom I care and I think worthy =D I shopped till I forgot about lunch! Walked for three hours plus! Lucky I am not using heels! =D I will not post up my shopping loot. *shy* HAHA.. but here is a picture with my new ear phones. I still love Philips.IMG_1053 I went to have my Maybank card changed to a Visa debit. I miss using a debit card. *how easy life is now =D* But due to the offline status of their system, I had to go to and fro thrice >< But at last it was done. Meanwhile I went to shop for something in Jusco. And after I was done, my ear phones have to fall and break TT It was reparable but it looked like it will break with some twist again. So.. sighh! IMG_1055 (Serves as his microphone too ==” LOL)

Here goes some pictures of them singing when I went to meet them up. Some already left for the lab classes (which they were pretty late for!)

In the CHINESE songs room (Room 36)IMG_1056IMG_1058 IMG_1060 IMG_1064IMG_1073IMG_1075 IMG_1074IMG_1076IMG_1083IMG_1084IMG_1086IMG_1085 In the ENGLISH songs room (Room 35) IMG_1066IMG_1067 IMG_1077 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1080 Then after the singing sessions, we all wandered around the mall doing nothing LOL IMG_1098 Plain slacking! How good were we. IMG_1097 But those were also the times I hope I can have most of the time. IMG_1099 Stress free with a bunch of happy people and also some pretty ones! =DIMG_1088 Tini insisted on playing some basketball games. She and Khoo thus had a little match =)IMG_1091 IMG_1092 Look at the scores! Tini was real good at it. First stageIMG_1093 Second stageIMG_1094 Third stageIMG_1095 Fourth stageIMG_1096 Hayden went for skin consultation after that. Ok, it was supposed to be Jasmine. IMG_1109 Then we went to get some McD sundae cones, came back, it was Hayden having some facial! haha Should be very comfortable eh? =PIMG_1115 Wandered around more and finally sat at Auntie Anne’s to have some food! While debating where to go. Finally, it was to SS2 Pasar Malam. IMG_1125IMG_1121 I have not been to any this semester! So I was jumping at this idea. But it was also a bit bad to have them drive us so far away through the traffic jams. And Khoo’s car had to be…IMG_1117 We must have been some unlucky cookies to him! TT I forgot to check this morning how his car is some more >< Nevermind, will ask/check another time!

And we went to Wai Sek Kai! (Hope I got the pin yins correctly ><)IMG_1131 IMG_1133 IMG_1142 IMG_1148 My dinner. And I want more haha

All in all, I had fun that day albeit not revising *guilty* Khoo sent me back along with Jasmine, Hayden and JJ. Khoo spot that our light in the kitchen was not working and helped us get one new one! Thank you for being so nice always! =D Helpful, gentleman, considerate and nice. Really the big brother everyone calls!IMG_1151 And Amanda stayed over! She forgot her glasses and i requested for this picture =PIMG_1152 And I just realised, in our house, all of us wear specs!!!IMG_1156 And here is one guy who was kicked out of his room last night because.. *ahem ahem* Explicit. Ask me on MSN LOL


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