Shave me. Save me! 26.05.2009

Yeah…money for a good cause. And we all cut our hair. =DIMG_1194 It was a lazy morning for me. I woke up intending to study for the online quiz due today. But I went back to sleep after the breakfast LOL And Khoo sms-ed me telling me that he and Jasmine would be coming soon to fix the kitchen light *touched* And Jasmine came too!!! =D hehe IMG_1157 After everything, they brought us to uni some more! They are damn nice people I tell you. I must have done something pretty good my previous life to meet such angels!

Anyway, we went to uni for last lecture for this semester. Genetics! And Dr Quah requested for a picture! damn nice! =DIMG_1192 IMG_1193 Thanks to Amanda for snapping these pictures for us =D And after that, went to have our lunch and off to the computer lab to do our quizzes! Right after that, we went to the charity area! =D This is us before hair cut. I know, my hair damn typical right? TTIMG_1195 But Khoo was earlier than all of us!!! HAHAIMG_1199 Such nice smile for a charity hair cut =) And here we all cam-whoring while waiting in queue for our hair cuts!IMG_1200 And met them while waiting! So long did not see them!!!IMG_1203 Tee Yee getting her hair cut!IMG_1204Khoo still having his hair cut!IMG_1205  His hair turned out real nice. I was waiting for my turn while he just finished. I insisted on a picture! HAHA damn sampat!IMG_1211 Lee Ming having his turn!IMG_1214 JJ having his turn too! IMG_1221And Shane. IMG_1220 Us with our new hair!IMG_1223 Sighh.. I am damn short! TT

Here is Amanda having her cut! IMG_1224 She looks like a doll!!!IMG_1230 Us with new hair cuts! IMG_1255IMG_1259 I was kind of dissatisfied. felt it was a bit too long still. I mean the fringe. So I got it cut a bit more shorter HAHA. The hair dresser kept on complimenting on how nice my hair is. He actually thought my hair was totally virgin hair. Untouched by chemical. He was surprised it was not and yet I do NOT do treatments for my hair.  =D So happy about this. Such nice compliments =DIMG_1266 Lee Ming also got more “cuts” because it seriously looked like Ah Pek before that HAHA.. and this is the only picture I have after my second hair cut!!! I looked…with rounder face now but I love fringe =D


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