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Is having damn lots of fun!

OMG OMG. I cannot stop all these laughs. LOL

This is like my second day in Penang with these crazy people and I am loving it a lot. Just only had a real time Monopoly session and all of us are damn broke except for banker Mr Khoo Chong Yan!

And when someone hid JJ’s money away, he did NOT know and did NOT realise. Even after so long! OMG. This is so freaking funny LOL. I am having lots of fun and laughter =D

And I am so happy Michelle made it to meet us and brought us to have a great meal. =D

I will seriously blog about all my fun times when I am back in Brunei and settled my important and serious stuff alright? =D

Happiness and regards all the way from Penang to everyone =D ENJOY! =)


Up until now, JJ still does not know and someone complaint. We were real noisy LOL


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Another day out =))

I felt bad actually for always rejecting people who asked me out. Just because of all those assignments, I refused going out with Sulyn a few times. Just because of more works, or just because of other planning, I refused Yan Wan. i would really really love to visit your hometown but I had other planning planned earlier. So sorry!

Next time, please let there be another next time, ok? =) Anyway how, today was supposed to be a sleep-in day and also to pack. But I woke up too early. Did not exactly feel like packing. >< So I planned to go out and buy some stuff that I have not bought. I do not know. I love shopping and splurging on others. It depends on who they are actually. =PIMG_1781 Before I went out, I checked Facebook. And she tagged me a note. I was then thinking how I always wanted to go meet Ashley but never got the right time. Thanks to assignments and exams. And suddenly, I felt it is the perfect time. And I thus MSN-ed her. She did not reply me and I appeared offline. Just right before I lock the computer, she said “Hey?” HAHAHAIMG_1787 And thus we met, talked, watched a movie =) It was great time spent =) There will be more next time for sure =) Thanks for the day =)

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Post exam

It should be very obvious I am now living an exam-free life =P Anyway, 25th was my last paper but there were many others whose paper finished only on the 26th. So that was when everyone finished their exams and Sem1, Year 2 officially ended.

When they were having their exams, I was sleeping snuggly in my bed. But I woke at 10am so as to enjoy the post-exam fun! First of all, was to get Mr Lean Lee Ming to wake up. I called countless time but he was sleeping like a pig. Turned and ignore me. Then say I did not wake him ==”IMG_1725Around noon, Amanda and the others came back from university. Finished their exams and we were going for lunch =)  I actually did not really want to eat but must eat in order to prevent spoiling the fun later when I got hungry/gastric ><IMG_1726 There was to be Transformers and shopping =) Actually, no shopping =(( IMG_1728 But at least we had some LOUD Mango Ice moments. The promised Mango Ice by Sue, Jasmine and Wen Hao. And finally. It was so filling! And nice but the mango then was a bit sour-ish! >< IMG_1731 We all camwhored quite a lot. IMG_1757 Especially with Sueeeeee… We shall meet again after another nine months only TTIMG_1756In amidst of everything, Amanda, Lee Ming, Shane and Ying Xuan went for Redbox. IMG_1775I went to shop alone. There after met up with Tee Yee to look for them in Redbox. After their singing sessions, meet back up with Jasmine, Hayden and Khoo.

It was then dinner time. But without Jasmine and Hayden. By then, I was so worn out already. HAHA. The dinner was a real late one. Back to SS2 Wai Sek Kai. Ordered the wrong thing but I ate till I am full nonetheless =P

When we all got home, I chatted with Ann. It has been such a long time. Yeah it just seemed so long. Ann, all the best =) We shall meet very soon. End of November or early December =) Whee~~ Must do some planning =))

And I slept at midnight without showering OMG. I know I know. Damn dirty. But I was real tired. Can just stand and sleep type ==” I slept through eight hours and woke up at 8am only ==” It has been such a long time.

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The intense revision days

Yeah it had been such a long time. I used to complain about wanting to sleep and all. But today, I am still wide awake at such hours. I am a bit terrified for it has way past 3am. But wanting to blog and not wanting to disturb Shane’s sleep with my ceaseless typing, I tried my best to just concentrate on blogging and chatting.

Anyway, first semester, second year has just officially ended for me. The last paper was a total wreck. I went in teary eyeed. Came out just of the exam roughly about one and a half hours after the starting time. It was a three hours paper, mind you! I do not know how to do. Fullstop. I came out totally stoned. Just sat down and re-collect my thoughts.

I did not have lunch, was totally hungry while in the examination hall. The thing was, when I came out of the exam hall, I did not even feel like eating. Until everyone came out and started to flood around me, life came back. I felt the hunger then. After much talking and discussion, we got to Kim Gary.IMG_1698The previous three days, we had deliveries, Nando’s, Domino’s, McDonald’s and today we finally eat in a proper setting. That was my Spanish Seafood Fried Rice by the way. It was alright. After dinner, I was more energised and happier, naturally.IMG_1700 Went to get movie tickets. Transformers! =D For ten of us. Tomorrow! Afternoon! We rock! We went to arcade for some fun. My hands hurt so much from the game. AND I LOST. Lean Lee Ming said to give me chances but it was all lie including watching movie! And seems like its a norm for us to ALWAYS do grocery shopping. Feels so bad!IMG_1702 There was a one day sales at Jusco anyway. We all went to the men’s section in search of Wen Hao’s pink-condom-jacket-replacement-hoodie and failed. Hayden and Lee Ming got their loot though =P

And while going back, we saw this HUGE mesh of balloons! Like there was really a lot. It was instantaneous dipole-dipole interactions between me and the balloons! HAHAIMG_1701 I was given the chance to bring the WHOLE thing back but it would not fit in the car TT But I still want some balloons. And this is what I got =DIMG_1707 Yes, I walked around Pyramid with it. According to the boys, next time IF my phone runs out of battery again, they will tie balloons around me so they can easily locate me LOL. I did not want my phone to run out of battery too! So sorry!IMG_1709 IMG_1710With good company, I forgot about how bad the last paper was. And thanks so much for the company, Hayden, Lee Ming, Khoo and Wen Hao. IMG_1715IMG_1711 Loitering in Sunway Pyramid for about six hours was total awesome possum-ness! We were planning to go back but stopped at the ice skating rink to see some pratices. We stayed till JJ had to call us and make us go back to the university! HAHA.

Thereafter, was mamak time with JJ at Lima Bintang! He was so stern looking! That was the very first time I saw him like that. Scared me. Oh well, he insisted it was due to the exams.

Too bad Jasmine, Sze Ling and Chu Ying was not able to stay after dinner and JJ could not even make it to Kim Gary to eat with us. But nevermind, TOMORROW we will all have much better fun! =D

Ok, sorry Sue, it is TODAY! HAHA =D Wheeee~~ *hyperactivity in action* OMG I should be sleeping. What is this all hyperactivity once there is no need to revise for exams??? LOL

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Italianese 15.06.2009

Yeah..finally ate at Italianese. For YingXuan’s birthday. IMG_1672 But, I think Fratini’s in Brunei is better though. However, I love the bread with black vinegar and olive oil =) which Fratini does not haveIMG_1669Us who were the early birds! IMG_1670 We were already late actually. And the others were later. Malaysian time Malaysian time, get used to it =PIMG_1673IMG_1674IMG_1671 Since we got there earlier, we cam whored while the people arranged the table for twenty for us.IMG_1680 Once the table were done, we were seated upstairs. And we were given the privilege to order first =)IMG_1678 But you know what? We were the latest to order. I kept on thinking the others had not ordered yet and asked the waiter to get the orders from the others first. He just stood there and ignored me. Thereafter then I know why ==” Paiseh!

Pictures of the food and all are with Shane. A bit lazy to get from him. So just let your imagination run wild. And think about the “porridge” Lean Lee Ming insisted on ordering. HAHA It was actually risotto which did not come out as anything real special. Then we also had salmon fettuccine which I love for the cheese sauce. I think the cheese was emmental but I cannot be sure. I miss Paris TT We also had a pizza which was alright. Overall, I prefer Fratini =P

After the meal, I went to get a new pair of Crocs for my dad. The last pair I got for him, was last year, and my baby sister ruined it. I do not know how but I do believe she is capable of that =P HAHA


And I treated myself to a cake from Secret Recipe. I was expecting it to be nicer but the banana was not sweet. So, I did not really enjoy the cake. But sharing the cake with the boys made it much more worthwhile. Sharing food with people whom you enjoy makes everything seems better, ain’t it?

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IMG_1650 It was mugging books at the library again! But no complaints then. We went out to A&W for food alright =P Sorry no pictures because Ms Mummy Amanda did not give me!

Anyway, I get to eat my favourite curly fries and drink my root beer =)) Without ice cream. I love it that way =P And I got to eat real nice waffle (Khoo’s and Wen Hao’s). Uhhh and also Mr Harmony, shared between me and Lee Ming. YingXuan curi some of my banana instead of Lee Ming one lo! I remember lo ok? HAHA But nevermind, cause I was real full too. And I share my food one =P

The highlight of the day is not A&W but I do appreaciate Khoo and Wen Hao always bringing us out for meals. Feels so guilty because it is like always patronising them.IMG_1655 So, what about 14th of June? Oh well, my uncle came to KL! I was at the university but since it was a Sunday, library closes earlier. Stucked in the rain, I could not get to enjoy the trains as much as I would love. Yes, I love trains =)

So I walked back (instead of using the bus because I could not wait for the bus!) and called for a taxi. While I was having a quick shower, he was waiting down there for me already LOL. Felt so bad. But I PAY! So nevermind HAHA

My uncle was on a business trip for two days but as always, want to meet up with me no matter how busy. He was going to arrive at his hotel only at 7.30pm but I reached earlier. sat at the lounge area. Chatted with a French couple who was reading a tour guide book on Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. They were speaking French too. Wanting to practise my French, I initiated a small conversation with them =)

Soon after, my uncle reached. He was actually expecting me to stay over at the hotel with him but I did not expect that >< IMG_1657That was why there were two beds! This is not the usual hotel he preferred. But Crowne Plaza was totally full. He had to make do with this Istana Hotel. I love Crowne Plaza better too. They have better equipped toilet and grander rooms!

Anyway, after the bellboy came with the luggage, we went in search of food. It was late and I was damn hungry. This exaplains the lack of picture. Had a great meal =D It was a bit too pricey especially when we are sitting in an open air place. But it is Bukit Bintang. Three dishes with plain rice for two amounting to RM100 should be reasonable?

After that, went shopping for some shirts for my aunt as requested. My uncle then went to Isetan for his clothes. He always love G2000. Last time he got a few shirts and a neck tie. This time a few pants. I do not know why. My uncle never liked paying. So he would always hand me the money and ask me to go pay for them! LOLIMG_1659 We actually shopped till the place close. And in the middle of the crossroad, looked for a taxi for me to get back to Sunway because I could not reach the taxi operator. And the taxi I got on was a bit freaky. The taxi driver should be around 25 and he kept on asking me about my personal stuff and how I got to be in Malaysia and where I stay, asking for my name and self-introducing himself when I did not even ask! ==”

Oh yeah, before I forgot, just have to thank Khoo. He called just to ask about my whereabouts. It is so sweet of him. And also gives people a very responsible kind of feeling. Just a simple phone call. Thanks a lot =)

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Pasta Zanmai 12.06.2009

IMG_1624 Yes, it finally opened. There were people commenting on how bad the pasta there was. But honestly, I find it real nice.IMG_1625 We sat at two different tables. Apparently the place was totally full and we had to wait awhile for them to come up with that two tables. IMG_1629Khoo was supposed to be on our table one lo! HAHAIMG_1630But JJ could not stay away from Wen Hao, so he “skipped” over a while HAHA sound so gay!  It was bad we had to seat separately but it was still good fun. =D IMG_1635 I had soft shelled crab pasta. The pasta was ok and I really did get a whole soft shelled crab. A bit too salty to my taste but it was good overall =D IMG_1637 And it comes with black sesame which you have to grind yourself. IMG_1638 I had fun playing with it. And it was so fragrant =D

Anyway, the trip to Pyramid for dinner was right after my second exam paper but the first for most. IMG_1627 It was just the start but we celebrated already LOL =P but it was all good fun =) And guess what? Khoo accompanied me to his car to specially get my camera. Turned out to be out of battery after a few shots. So here are more pictures from Amanda’s camera =)DSC08255 DSC08256 DSC08260DSC08265 I was actually very sad after the exams. (No prize for guessing why I am sad after the exams!) We gathered after the exams for something important. But my mood was totally off. And also because I did not have lunch. HAHA. JJ was mean at first for making me cry. I warned him but he insisted! But it was also nice of him too. Because things started to get better =) Sincere thanks to you =))

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