Study mode!

Yes, I am in a study mode now. And not at all happy. But I cannot complain that I am sad since I have so many nice people around me who are also revising. Sometimes, it is good to have fair competitions. However, I think I have to learn to take things at my pace.

Alright, I am still studying at my own pace. Just knowing or simply seeing someone is working much more harder or as hard motivates me. And it feels good. =D

However busy, it seems like I do not forget about my blog eh? HAHA.. I would love to blog all  the time but just that there is nothing much going on now other than studying. So.. *go figure!* Life is drop dead boring now I guess?IMG_6858 Went to library the whole day today. Yup. From 9am till 11pm. Would have loved to come back at 6pm. But was forced not to TT I need naps in between revising. IMG_6856 I have been diligently starting revising at about 11pm of 30th May. And till today, I am happy with my progress =D I am going to work hard! =D

Some more pictures I took today. Was studying and it suddenly rained. I love rainy days and I love walking under drizzles. Reminds me a lot about Paris ❤IMG_6860 IMG_6862 IMG_6863 And as un-ladylike as I am, I took off my shoes and walked around the whole of library as if I am at home LOLIMG_6855

People, wish me luck and ask all my genes to work hard too. Other than that, ask all the proteins not to DENATURE! HAHA I really need them! ><

Other people who are going to have exams or are having exams, work hard and stay focus. Even if you cannot, find some ways. I think I can focus much better compared to few days before. =D And I am going to keep quiet on what was pulling my attention away =P

Oh yeah, have to say thanks and be grateful to Khoo for always bringing us out for meals. And also thanks to Amanda for those rides =D Although it was more for Shane haha =P Sincerely, thanks for everything and to everyone who shared their time =D It was good time laughing =)


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