Two down and three to go!

Yes, two papers off the list =D I went into the exam practically very lost. Sit through the test scratching my head. Ok Ok, I did try to write ANYTHING for every questions except the last two which totals up to 40! Do not comment on this please. Its sad. I came out sad and tired.

But.. I came home very much happier =D Will blog about it tomorrow. Or when I get the pictures. Tomorrow as in when I wake up and am sane =P

And being random, when I get back to Brunei, I want to have a big feast at Excapade and also eat at.. I forgot the pizza and pasta place which is like “All you can eat type” =D

P.s. People, stay motivated (if you are already motivated) or start to get motivated to study. It will be over before you know it. And holidays will be here soon! =D


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