Stay motivated and focus!

I know.. I know.. I am missing a lot of posts. But Ms Amanda still haven’t get me any of those promised pictures. But first of all, let me update a little about the missing few days. I was very diligent studying and sleeping in university. My progress is nothing much to brag about because sleep was progressing much more better than my revision! TT

And today is worth blogging too because this is the first time I climbed the stairs up to my place. The lift was not working and unfortunately, we stayed on the highest floor, 18th floor. I complained but I got up there still. It has been a real long time I did such “exercise”. Well, the last time I sweat so much was I walked back from university to my place before going to meet my uncle. I could not get the bus or any taxi. So ended up walking >< But it was alright, nothing to complain. =)

I must here also wish Ms Ann Yong who is enjoying her break around Europe now, A VERY HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! Seems like such a long time we gathered and talk over things and just chill. I miss those times when you would just understand me and sit beside me quietly. Just for the sake of a company. I miss the time when you would just let me calm down when I am crying, as you described, my eyes seems to be like a unsecured tap. I missed those times you would just tell me how stubborn I am and how you would remind me I cannot be frustrated or angry at stuff for a long period of time. I cannot stop laughing at how you reminded me of how I bought things more expensive than they were supposed to be many a times, including the infamous giant chopstick story.

I shared so much good times, been through some bad one (did we actually did so?), we argued once, ok, that was not even counted as an argument. Thinking back, we did not really even argued other than talk about things. It is so hard to find friends or simply just people who would let me talk things out or tell me what is wrong to resolve them. I meet so much more unhappy and bad things this year that I wished you are beside me to share all of them with me. I know we tried our best to keep in touch online and you listening to me about all those real bad times. Just because of our own study commitments and also time difference, these contacts become limited. But I am really proud and happy that we still do keep in touch as much as we could.

This is meant to be a short post but suddenly it became such a long one. I probably miss you too much. Anyway how, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I wished I was there with you then. And I do look forward to the day we meet again to just be quiet beside one another =D But probably I would have too much to say that I do not know where to start, thus the silence.

Actually today, there was too much things running through my brain. I could not really focus on revising. Ann, I so wished I could just have you beside me to tell me all these actually does not matter since many things come and go. Ann, probably, I just need your company beside me while I cry (yes, probably you could guess that I am already crying pretty hard right now) Anyway, I should say thanks and be grateful to Ms Michelle Tan for the continuous support and care. Thanks for much for just the presence *hugs*

Ok, I should go shower and start my revision once again! Good luck everyone. Stay motivated and FOCUS! =D


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