IMG_1650 It was mugging books at the library again! But no complaints then. We went out to A&W for food alright =P Sorry no pictures because Ms Mummy Amanda did not give me!

Anyway, I get to eat my favourite curly fries and drink my root beer =)) Without ice cream. I love it that way =P And I got to eat real nice waffle (Khoo’s and Wen Hao’s). Uhhh and also Mr Harmony, shared between me and Lee Ming. YingXuan curi some of my banana instead of Lee Ming one lo! I remember lo ok? HAHA But nevermind, cause I was real full too. And I share my food one =P

The highlight of the day is not A&W but I do appreaciate Khoo and Wen Hao always bringing us out for meals. Feels so guilty because it is like always patronising them.IMG_1655 So, what about 14th of June? Oh well, my uncle came to KL! I was at the university but since it was a Sunday, library closes earlier. Stucked in the rain, I could not get to enjoy the trains as much as I would love. Yes, I love trains =)

So I walked back (instead of using the bus because I could not wait for the bus!) and called for a taxi. While I was having a quick shower, he was waiting down there for me already LOL. Felt so bad. But I PAY! So nevermind HAHA

My uncle was on a business trip for two days but as always, want to meet up with me no matter how busy. He was going to arrive at his hotel only at 7.30pm but I reached earlier. sat at the lounge area. Chatted with a French couple who was reading a tour guide book on Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. They were speaking French too. Wanting to practise my French, I initiated a small conversation with them =)

Soon after, my uncle reached. He was actually expecting me to stay over at the hotel with him but I did not expect that >< IMG_1657That was why there were two beds! This is not the usual hotel he preferred. But Crowne Plaza was totally full. He had to make do with this Istana Hotel. I love Crowne Plaza better too. They have better equipped toilet and grander rooms!

Anyway, after the bellboy came with the luggage, we went in search of food. It was late and I was damn hungry. This exaplains the lack of picture. Had a great meal =D It was a bit too pricey especially when we are sitting in an open air place. But it is Bukit Bintang. Three dishes with plain rice for two amounting to RM100 should be reasonable?

After that, went shopping for some shirts for my aunt as requested. My uncle then went to Isetan for his clothes. He always love G2000. Last time he got a few shirts and a neck tie. This time a few pants. I do not know why. My uncle never liked paying. So he would always hand me the money and ask me to go pay for them! LOLIMG_1659 We actually shopped till the place close. And in the middle of the crossroad, looked for a taxi for me to get back to Sunway because I could not reach the taxi operator. And the taxi I got on was a bit freaky. The taxi driver should be around 25 and he kept on asking me about my personal stuff and how I got to be in Malaysia and where I stay, asking for my name and self-introducing himself when I did not even ask! ==”

Oh yeah, before I forgot, just have to thank Khoo. He called just to ask about my whereabouts. It is so sweet of him. And also gives people a very responsible kind of feeling. Just a simple phone call. Thanks a lot =)


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