Pasta Zanmai 12.06.2009

IMG_1624 Yes, it finally opened. There were people commenting on how bad the pasta there was. But honestly, I find it real nice.IMG_1625 We sat at two different tables. Apparently the place was totally full and we had to wait awhile for them to come up with that two tables. IMG_1629Khoo was supposed to be on our table one lo! HAHAIMG_1630But JJ could not stay away from Wen Hao, so he “skipped” over a while HAHA sound so gay!  It was bad we had to seat separately but it was still good fun. =D IMG_1635 I had soft shelled crab pasta. The pasta was ok and I really did get a whole soft shelled crab. A bit too salty to my taste but it was good overall =D IMG_1637 And it comes with black sesame which you have to grind yourself. IMG_1638 I had fun playing with it. And it was so fragrant =D

Anyway, the trip to Pyramid for dinner was right after my second exam paper but the first for most. IMG_1627 It was just the start but we celebrated already LOL =P but it was all good fun =) And guess what? Khoo accompanied me to his car to specially get my camera. Turned out to be out of battery after a few shots. So here are more pictures from Amanda’s camera =)DSC08255 DSC08256 DSC08260DSC08265 I was actually very sad after the exams. (No prize for guessing why I am sad after the exams!) We gathered after the exams for something important. But my mood was totally off. And also because I did not have lunch. HAHA. JJ was mean at first for making me cry. I warned him but he insisted! But it was also nice of him too. Because things started to get better =) Sincere thanks to you =))


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