Yes! Exams’ over! I am one and a half years closer to the end of a saddening university life. Ok, my university life is not that bad lah. First year was terrific. I miss those times =( This year is much more.. I do not know. I enjoyed it less. Just compare it to first semester, I went out more and had more fun even though I studied hard too. This semester, cut down a lot on watching movies, having fun trips, having spontaneous plans. People get more boring eh? LOL

But it is all good fun to have known and gotten closer to more people. And I find it a very happy yet weird thing that I actually “talked” more to people who USED to be whom I see daily in university! Well not really for Zen Xern, but I do not know, I sort of feel closer to him now than last time =P And Suh Ming and Cheryl, they are such darlings.

Because I love receiving things in the mailbox, I just assumed others would love it too. Well, I know there are people who could not comprehend snail mails sort of things. Post cards and hand written mails are really sweet. Maybe a lot would think they are just some junk or some really overrated, expensive “gift” but I see it differently =) I sent quite some postcards out and just last week (could not remember the date exactly) Lee Ming got this out of the mail box for me.IMG_1723A post card from the HILLTOPPERS! Whee~~ It was extremely sweet of them. But no one told me who write what. But it is still so nice and sweet. *sayang sayang*IMG_1724 I was actually planning to send Gavina and Syahini (did I get their names right?) post cards from Brunei because the Malaysian postcards are so limited. And I figured it would be nice to get them something from Brunei since Malaysia not their hometown too =P. But just recently I found out Syahini will be coming back to Malaysia!! TT Nevermind, I will send as soon as possible when I get back to Brunei. Please wait for me!! HAHA

OK, I will blog on what happened the past weeks just so my memories stay intact here =) I know I am missing a lot of posts =P And those who still have exams, good luck and all the best. Persevere and you will get to enjoy like I do now =P


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