The intense revision days

Yeah it had been such a long time. I used to complain about wanting to sleep and all. But today, I am still wide awake at such hours. I am a bit terrified for it has way past 3am. But wanting to blog and not wanting to disturb Shane’s sleep with my ceaseless typing, I tried my best to just concentrate on blogging and chatting.

Anyway, first semester, second year has just officially ended for me. The last paper was a total wreck. I went in teary eyeed. Came out just of the exam roughly about one and a half hours after the starting time. It was a three hours paper, mind you! I do not know how to do. Fullstop. I came out totally stoned. Just sat down and re-collect my thoughts.

I did not have lunch, was totally hungry while in the examination hall. The thing was, when I came out of the exam hall, I did not even feel like eating. Until everyone came out and started to flood around me, life came back. I felt the hunger then. After much talking and discussion, we got to Kim Gary.IMG_1698The previous three days, we had deliveries, Nando’s, Domino’s, McDonald’s and today we finally eat in a proper setting. That was my Spanish Seafood Fried Rice by the way. It was alright. After dinner, I was more energised and happier, naturally.IMG_1700 Went to get movie tickets. Transformers! =D For ten of us. Tomorrow! Afternoon! We rock! We went to arcade for some fun. My hands hurt so much from the game. AND I LOST. Lean Lee Ming said to give me chances but it was all lie including watching movie! And seems like its a norm for us to ALWAYS do grocery shopping. Feels so bad!IMG_1702 There was a one day sales at Jusco anyway. We all went to the men’s section in search of Wen Hao’s pink-condom-jacket-replacement-hoodie and failed. Hayden and Lee Ming got their loot though =P

And while going back, we saw this HUGE mesh of balloons! Like there was really a lot. It was instantaneous dipole-dipole interactions between me and the balloons! HAHAIMG_1701 I was given the chance to bring the WHOLE thing back but it would not fit in the car TT But I still want some balloons. And this is what I got =DIMG_1707 Yes, I walked around Pyramid with it. According to the boys, next time IF my phone runs out of battery again, they will tie balloons around me so they can easily locate me LOL. I did not want my phone to run out of battery too! So sorry!IMG_1709 IMG_1710With good company, I forgot about how bad the last paper was. And thanks so much for the company, Hayden, Lee Ming, Khoo and Wen Hao. IMG_1715IMG_1711 Loitering in Sunway Pyramid for about six hours was total awesome possum-ness! We were planning to go back but stopped at the ice skating rink to see some pratices. We stayed till JJ had to call us and make us go back to the university! HAHA.

Thereafter, was mamak time with JJ at Lima Bintang! He was so stern looking! That was the very first time I saw him like that. Scared me. Oh well, he insisted it was due to the exams.

Too bad Jasmine, Sze Ling and Chu Ying was not able to stay after dinner and JJ could not even make it to Kim Gary to eat with us. But nevermind, TOMORROW we will all have much better fun! =D

Ok, sorry Sue, it is TODAY! HAHA =D Wheeee~~ *hyperactivity in action* OMG I should be sleeping. What is this all hyperactivity once there is no need to revise for exams??? LOL


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