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Second week

I really want to refrain from blogging but I guess I am so used to it that I have an uneasy feeling if I do not blog =P (Excuses to not do my reports and assignments) HAHA

Anyway, Week 2 is..or should I say WAS (?) as hectic. Now, two reports and two assignments on the queue, none completed. And more coming on the queue line ==” Haiz.IMG_2727 Anyway, went for badminton again but this time I really played. It has been like four years or more I think LOL. The phobia towards flying balls still haunts me but I think I still can play. Of course, not as well as all the others! Maybe we should make it a routine to go badminton-ing every Friday! IMG_3359 Must thank Michelle and Wen Hao for all the coaching.IMG_3354 Also should thank them and Khoo for pushing me to play. I was forced to play but I ended up really happy =) IMG_3368 And I really had fun practising with Jasmine! =)IMG_3302 Then after the badminton session, I left with Khoo to SS15 to get a cake for Ming Xuan’s birthday! IMG_3330 Got the cake. Hazelnut =) not bad lah! hehe. And got to SS2 where the restaurant was at =)) IMG_3307 My second time there and it was real nice food. IMG_3316 I love the chee cheong fun one lo! =) IMG_3317 I love the normal one more than the curry one though =P

So.. people, must go there. IMG_3350 And had I not eaten too much… I would love the gingko barley!! HAHAIMG_3348 Was supposed to be  a surprise but then as discussed with Khoo, Ming Xuan would not be anywhere near excited. But at least she let us take pictures =)IMG_3339 We had a great meal and its mostly like Ming Xuan’s family treat. IMG_3308IMG_3318 I do feel bad for treats like this. IMG_3319 IMG_3309 It was meant to be from our own pockets since those good food are downed into our stomach. IMG_3314 IMG_3310 Nonetheless, I had fun and was filled (tummy!) LOL IMG_3312 IMG_3311 Ming Xuan, THANKS A LOT FOR THE FOOD =) THE MUFFINS TOO THOUGH I HAVEN’T EAT THEM =P (They are still lying on the dining table =D)IMG_3372 Then we parted ways and went back to uni just to water our plants! IMG_3295 OMG did I tell you we actually went to plant spinach? IMG_6993Its part of our course. Not doing it just for fun =PIMG_6998 And we have to prepare the soil under the big hot scorching sun! IMG_7007 Its like the second day only today! But I am affectionately connected to them already *shy* HAHAHAHAIMG_7035 IMG_3297 Oh yeah, after all those happy things, should just tell a sad one. Life is never all flowers and sunshine mah =P MNSM is not up this semester and probably the coming semesters too TT haiz. So sad.. no more fun trips. Life in uni will be more bored. SUE COME BACK FASTER! We need you! =)


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Pastor Kenneth

First off, I have to say that I am supposed to be doing some work NOW. However, I just had things differently today and feel like blogging it (Not like I do not LOVE it =P). Things today did not exactly changed my life but I appreciated that.IMG_3265*courtesy of Khoo LOL*

I actually stayed back in university to do some work. Not a lot but at least I got some work done. Followed Michelle to Monash Christian Fellowship from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. This is because Pastor Kenneth would be preaching. I do not know who this Pastor Kenneth is but I trust Michelle.

It turned out great. He is a funny guy telling very down to earth stories and his childhood moved me to tears. I never thought my childhood was bad but I could never understand how a person who went through stuff worse than me gather the courage to be like him, standing in front of me in such a joyous mood with lots of passion.

His family was shattered when he was only 1. He followed his dad who is a marijuana addict. This basically means he is not with his mom and his dad is almost non-existent. Its so much more worse and sad that you have a drug addict to call a dad. Brought up by a grandmother who did not shower him with the supposed LOVE. And his sister jumped off a building right in front of him before she was even 21. Think of all those trauma THEN and how positive he is NOW.

He was true about how he did not get the love yet is preaching love. This made it all the more worthwhile. I am indeed a very lucky one to have grown up with unconditional love from my uncle and aunt. Just imagine, I could have been his “sister”. I totally feel his feeling and what he said moved me. Something in me realised something. And thank god I realised it! =DIMG_3268 During the Christian Fellowship, I got to know many new people but I do not recall any new names now LOL. So sorry. I went to have dinner at A&W. Michelle brought us =P Thanks a lot =)IMG_3267 Came home about 9pm. Plopped down on my bed right away. More than an hour of nap, and I just showered. Here I am, supposedly doing my report and assignment! Ok, shall start now =)IMG_3269 P.s. No, I am not a Christian but I do love listening to talks sometimes, when it is not so much about their God. =P Bible is a really good story book =) *to me*

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First lab of Year 2, Semester 2

This semester, I aimed to get to know more people (was in one of my previous posts). I got to know a very funny and nice guy called Dhayalan through Khoo.

Very grateful indeed because even before my new semester started, I already got to know new friend =) However, things do not stop here. I got to know a few other people better.

Today, was my first ever lab class for this semester. I went in, spot a nice place and start to get myself a partner. Who is that?

I got to know a very pretty girl through Microbiology laboratory last semester but everything ends with just a random one liner from her. I cannot even recall her name. And I actually got ashamed then because she knew my name but I do not know her name. Finally, got to know her name through Von Yi then.

She is the very one that I spotted this morning and approached to be my laboratory partner for Cellular Metabolism lab albeit I forgot her name. From now onwards, I will make sure that I do remember as I share more chats with her in between the laboratory works =) Everyone spins a different unique tale and this is life =)

Today is a very tiring day indeed. I had my sleep. Let’s hope tonight will be a productive one =)

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Ponder over things.

A fish would not get caught if it kept its mouth shut.

Someone mentioned this to me. Its a good one liner to get me start thinking. But I questioned this a lot too. How come things get out of control when you just do not want them to? Sometimes things are just… so unpredictable.

No matter how you do not want it to end up like, it might just happen. Is this what people say about how things happen for a reason?

And the fish do get caught using trawler and fish nets. Sometimes, I think this is how life is a joke. No matter how you try to prevent or avoid something, it might just *poof* appear or disappear.

I would never love things to get so widespread and all over the place. But.. are things always under my control?

I do hope so… =(

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Not a secret

Yes, it was never a secret. Just that I learnt not to talk about it to prevent those teary/embarrassing moments. It has been so many years that I even lost track as to how long that I never talked about it already.

That night, it just came as a shock to me, and maybe to many others who know me for a long time already, as to why I allowed myself to talk about it. To a deeper level that I would usually not get myself into.

But I just realised, the feelings are the same, I never hated her. Talking about her released some emotions. I do not know whether those emotions are a mixture of or just some kind of “sadness”, “unfairness”, “miss”, “love” or what. No matter what, I am still very sure the “urge” is not here yet. And “fury” and “hate” are not part of those emotions.

Maybe growing up added some money matters into my life such that I expect something as a payback to my family. In the end, it is actually not like that after all? Maybe as I mature more, I will understand my own feelings better. And perhaps, even the “urge”?

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First Week

1. Weekend is very the boring.

2. Had my couscous.

3. Had my Australian milo with cold milk.

4. Had my Australian milo with marshmallow.

5. Could not concentrate on doing assignments and end up not doing them.

6. Back to watching dramas which I did not want to.

7. Wants to go shopping.

8. Wants to do something exciting.

9. Wants to meet more new friends.

10. Do not want to sleep no more!

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Self-reflection time

Many might still not know, yeah I do self-reflection a lot. And I have done a lot lately with many help and wise words from many people. So, here goes a lengthy post…

I have now been living away from home without maids for about one and a half years already (forget about those holidays =P). I have reinforced my knowledge in washing up, cleaning my room, doing laundry, cleaning the toilet and a little bit of cooking. Or simply put, to take care of myself. Maybe not emotionally but at least I am still learning. Well, obviously I learnt more than just those.

Most importantly, I found out I have a matured mind (rather than childish which was what a small fraction of people have been trying to tell me). Yes, I do! But only when it comes to some matters, I became irrational. And I believe I do have a right to be irrational at times =P Yet I still feel very proud that most of the times, I can keep myself calm to sort things out mentally before talking about them.

I realised that how lucky I was to grew up in family who taught me lots of things which builds me. No lies, no greediness, no stealing, no hurting of others simply, no rudeness, learning to protect oneself correctly, willing to share, etc. No regrets on how I had my upbringing. No matter how other people’s upbringing clashes with mine, I should just learn to accept them without taking any steps back on the principles I was brought up with. I do not have to compromise my principles when I was brought up thinking they are right, true?

Really woke up to the fact that this world is not as nice as I want to perceive it as. As many told me, maybe I should see what I am going through as a lesson. An early lesson before I get into the real life. I must learn to sieve out those people or things that hurt. Stay away from pain and sorrows. Gather happiness along the way. It is always a task easier said than done. But starting to learn how to do it now should be a good thing, right?

I realised lots of people think I am a spoilt child. But just because they never fit right into my shoes, they could not see things the way I do. I am certainly not a spoilt one. Because I learnt to fight and earn for what I want. So what if I have what I have got? It does not mean that I do not deserve them. And what gives them the right to judge me by saying that I am spoilt?

I realised true friends really do not judge; they trust, they cherish, they care, they understand, they simply just be friends =) And these make things so different all the times. Friends also do not think crying is a weakness, which I find amusing sometimes. I do not know why =P And I cherish the fact that I was told that after every crying session, I become stronger =)

I also find that talking about things that happened, especially those sad ones, do not unnecessarily make you a loser. And most importantly, I was taught to loosen up and let things out. For this, I must really thank a special someone (you do know who you are right?) from the bottom of my heart! Not for your encouragement, probably I would have been in a black hole, unable to climb out. And of course, on the path to seeing lights, there were numerous people who helped me (you all know who you are! =D); those emotional supports are just like the air I breathe every second.

I now know better than keeping things that bother me in my heart. Or my mind? Keeping them in for even a day is counted detrimental to health. Thank god for people who encouraged me to talk. Thank god for so many people that I can share with. Thank god also for sending those people to my door! =)

And also specially thank a special someone for enlightening me always. The words told to me are always so unbiased and positive, teaching me to be better every day. Touched my heart positively and let me to see things from a good view. Let me understood that I am never in a position to just see things my own way. Made me realised at the end of the day, karma do happens =)

I also learnt to not hold things all by myself. Learn to accept some help even though you are learning to be independent and to complain less. It does not mean that you cannot let people care for you and to help you at certain times.

I learnt that when you lift something up, you must also learn to put it down too because you have the choice to let it down too when you are tired. If you hold it too long, your hands might be tired. One day, it might even hurt and eventually, break! What’s more when your hands totally malfunctioned? This is a total no good. And that is why friends are there to lend a helping hand =)

Life seems so great with all these people. I love you all. All those who plan to go to Shanghai, do have a great one, including my share please! All those Hilltoppers, Suh Ming and Sue, please do come back faster. I just hope time flies and my third year will be a blast. Hilltoppers, please do remember the FOOD session! (Joshua, I MUST get a bigger share!) Ok, Suh Ming too since I do owe her a meal! =) Sue, you are automatically counted in =) I cannot wait to see you all back here =)

*sayang sayang* I love you all! =D And everyone, stay positive. Disperse those negativity =D I promise, I will hang about till I see you all again! To get an extra boost and fly into space with you all =P

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