Car trip: Penang Day 1 (28.06.2009)

It was a planned car trip to Penang put up by Khoo. Thank you so much for such great times. Of course, all these could not be summed up without Amanda, Hayden, JJ, Sze Ling and Wen Hao.IMG_1789 It was planned that we might actually stop by Ipoh before moving on to Penang but due to time constraints, we actually just missed it. We started the car trip from Monash at about 10am as we had to wait for Hayden. =)IMG_1788 Having slept so little the night before because Amanda bully me TT, Amanda and I were quite “awake” for the whole trip on having fun I slept so much more on the way back to KL! Must have caused lots of headaches for Khoo. So sorry!IMG_1790 We had some stops to have some rests. This is when we went to get some waffle. It was quite nice. But Amanda had BR without ajak-ing me TT. IMG_1791 In between the whole journey, we had guilt naps while Khoo was there being a responsible safe driver. IMG_1795Other than that, he add on to become my tour guide telling me about what we saw/passed by. IMG_1799 Last time when I went to Penang, it was by flight and when I came back, it was by train. So I never got to see all I saw on the car trip there =) IMG_1800 Once we all reached Penang, Khoo’s aunt came to meet us right away for lunch. IMG_1812 She is the bubbly happy-go-lucky woman in orange. Very friendly and nice indeed =) Her daughter is in pink. She treated us to a very filling and overloaded lunch at Yoong Kee.IMG_1814 Before we actually had anything, she got us some rojak from the hawker stall opposite. Not bad =)IMG_1810 IMG_1803 I was very hungry then. When the rice came, I just thought I would finish it all. It is a big portion rather than the small one =) And proud to say, I FINISHED =PIMG_1816 IMG_1820 Then there were another two dishes which I do not have a nice picture of, one is with bean curd (not exactly, but not sure how to call it) and another is vegetable. It does not end here of course. There were more…IMG_1821 I love this too other than the bean curd dish =)IMG_1822Fried with sambal but it was alright for me. Not too spicy. I actually did not have a lot of this and the fish. I was trying to stuff all the rice into my stomach. LOL IMG_1823 And only after I successfully finished my rice, I was told reminded that we would be going for cendol in Bukit Mertajam! ==” IMG_1824 And before the cendol, we have this guai ling kou (courtesy of the restaurant) Yeah, everyone must be so shock how I managed so much food. Maybe a worm started growing in my tummy now. I think it is all being in good mood that explains =PIMG_1828 And here is the stall where we had the cendol. There is another one further down the street but this is the ORIGINAL one. IMG_1834 As Khoo repeatedly tells us, they actually got to own a BMW by just selling cendol! His aunt adds on that they own TWO nice cars, not only one, mind you!IMG_1830 I would love to quote JJ, the cendol were simply like “pandan noodle” Extremely smooth and tastes rather different from so many that I tried before. IMG_1833 Too bad that I was too full, I only got to finish about a third. Wen Hao cleaned up mine. LOL But guess what? IMG_1832 Khoo had TWO! And he was not really full yet. HAHA. But most guys I know can eat like this. I am sure Jeou Yee, Shane and Lean Lee Ming could too! LOL. As for Zen Xern, errr.. HAHA

That was not the end of our lunch + tea time. OMG. Yes it was NOT! IMG_1839 We came to this place which sells “apong balik” and “ban cheng kuih”IMG_1835 It was right opposite a carwash centre.IMG_1840 And it was till then i knew the difference between “apong balik” and “ban cheng kuih”. Seriously, at first, I thought they were just the same.IMG_1838 “Apong balik” It was just very small and thin. With ONE slice of banana. IMG_1844 When you have it hot, it was damn nice =D Ok i am one hell of a banana freak lover =PIMG_1845 “Ban cheng kuih” This has lots of peanuts and some nice corn inside. IMG_1843 Brunei’s one is always thick with raisins and all. Nothing small like this. =)IMG_1846 He really can eat a lot! For all these good food, special thanks to Khoo’s aunt! THANK YOU SO MUCH! =D And after all those food, we left for Penang Island.IMG_1849Using the Penang bridge. It is now extended with another lane. It was very foggy and not much view to be enjoyed.IMG_1852With Khoo’s GPS, we got to Gurney Hotel and checked-in.IMG_1853 This is a five star hotel which does not provide you with hair conditioner and body lotion >< IMG_1864But at least it has a jacuzzi =P I had fun using it TWICE. Simply love the toilet cum dressing room area =) IMG_1863 We actually spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel lazing around. IMG_1866 I had a great girl talk with Amanda which then turned out to be a bed talk with Wen Hao joining us while chatting with Suh Ming. IMG_1871And soon after, everyone joined us. Hehe IMG_1868 We all had fun till it was dinner time. By the way, that picture shows JJ all over Hayden. And I last heard, Hayden had fun and would not be as shy had it been only him and JJ together. LOLIMG_1874 We walked along Gurney Drive (something that I did not get to do when I was first in Penang) Walking along the road and enjoying the views and breeze was a nice soothing experience =) IMG_1876Smelling the salty light breeze and tasting the saltiness of the air. =) Not long after, we reached a hawker food centre. IMG_1882 IMG_1885 The first stop was at the rojak place where the Indian hawkers actually danced!IMG_1878 IMG_1877 IMG_1880 IMG_1881 It was good =)IMG_1883 Oyster with egg. And we actually had fried koay teow with chicken egg and also fried koay teow with duck egg. I preferred the one with chicken egg though. After all those, we got some more deep fried food.IMG_1886IMG_1887 IMG_1888 After such heavy meals for the day, it was only reasonable to go shop. LOL. We actually went to walk around Gurney Plaza till it closes and walked back again to the hotel. It was more of a chit chatting session for me and Wen Hao though. LOL.IMG_1890 After such a tiring day, I had a long bath (think jacuzzi =P) and slept. =) It had been a real long day filled with food and fun. =) Whee~~


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