Car trip: Penang Day 3 (30.06.2009)

This is a day where I allowed myself to sleep a lot longer. I think I was one of the last to wake up, minus Mr Cheah Wen Hao lah. He can never wake up HAHA But I woke up with gastric. Not a terrible one though.

I showered and asked Khoo where we will get to have breakfast. To my surprise, NONE. OMG. JJ, Hayden and Sze Ling went to the hotel breakfast already. With Khoo’s advice, I rushed along to fill my tummy before I regret.IMG_2070The sausage was not as nice as yesterday’s. The soba was out too. I went to request them to fill it in. And found out the soba was another type. It was coarse and not nice too. TTIMG_2071 At least they have OUELLETTE. I love them. Yesterday there was none (I do not know why) and they actually put emmental cheese. I can taste it and then I actually went back to confirm with the chef HAHAHAIMG_2072 I ate till I was full and we proceeded to Him Heang. It is a place famous for its biscuits. And I cannot deny how nice it is =) IMG_2073 Thanks to Khoo for such a good recommendation. But I bought too little of them. My family love those in purple boxes. I think they are Beh Ter Saw.IMG_2128 We then proceeded to Queensbay Mall. It was not really fun there. Probably because everyone was tired and we were damn broke after a real life monopoly HAHA IMG_2120 But I had fun searching for jackets. Saw some real nice one but for men! HAHAIMG_2074 And we saw this same shop as yesterday, the one that we saw in New World Park. IMG_2075 But there were a lot more things here. Nevermind, we got what we wanted already. =PIMG_2079We had lunch at TBowl. And please. There is nothing special about the food.  Not nice. You can just go have lunch some where else. IMG_2106 Look at her face also you know for sure that it was damn not nice lah.IMG_2107It really tasted like shit. That was why it was not sweet! IMG_2095 Fries in bathtub. Good it does not taste like soapy water. It is just as normal as any fries. so.. yeah.. nothing special.IMG_2104 IMG_2101 Khoo and Wen Hao with their food. Look at Wen Hao’s face. HAHAHAIMG_2112 We got a small voucher. Rebate RM5. Nevermind, I just keep it. It is not like I will go back there for food. And I won’t even recommend anyone to go there. So, I kept it. HAHA But unless you all wanted to camwhore like we did.. HAHAIMG_2083IMG_2089 IMG_2086 IMG_2087IMG_2088 IMG_2115 That was all to it. The table was actually a bathtub. All the seats were toilet bowls. And if you did notice, Wen Hao actually opened one and sat. Scroll back up and have a look. LOL

After the lunch, we broke up. Amanda and Sze Ling just sat there with Khoo while the others of us went shopping. JJ and Hayden had their time whereas Wen Hao and I went hunting for a jacket. We did come back with something. Hope Wen Hao did not regret LOL But I think I won’t if I got something he got =) IMG_2131 Then TY met up with us in Queensbay Mall and brought us to have soy milk and tau fu fah which is near to her house. IMG_2134 Apparently, it was a familiar place for Khoo and Wen Hao. HAHA. IMG_2130 Anyways, it was still very nice. I was very simply with jus a glass of soy milk and some tau fu fah. I love them but sadly I cannot have too much. Leg cramps >< IMG_2139 Khoo and JJ ordered some other food. I would love to eat too but I know I cannot finish a portion. Thus I refrained. According to them, it is really yummy! >< OK, it is not the time to regret. I saved my stomach. HAHA IMG_2141TY then lead us to Penang bridge where we then proceed to Autocity. Too bad we lost our ways and had to give LM a call. IMG_2142 We then get to his house instead and have him lead us to Autocity. His house is actually quite nice with wood furnishing. And he actually lied about having a Husky at his neighbour place for I could not spot it. HAHA.. probably the dog was hiding some where. Too bad Wen Hao, no chance for you to see it =P And his mom was not that stern as he had once said. OK, maybe his mom would really come and scold me had I continue to blabber on. HAHA. IMG_2146 Once we got to Autocity to meet up with Shane and YX, Amanda quickly went to Starbucks! IMG_2148 Yay! Time to try out the Javachips. Thanks to Khoo for the cash vouchers =) The Javachips was.. nevermind. I still do not like the bitter coffee taste. Probably it is an acquired taste. IMG_2149 Shane one was a bit nicer because there were so jelly-like thing inside. Hehe. I actually drank something in Coffee Bean with caramel inside. Was it the time with Lee Ming and Fimtan at Sunway Pyramid? I could not recall. That tasted better because there is a strong caramel taste to it. And Shane’s one got some caramel taste but not as strong.IMG_2151 Thereafter, we proceed to D’Tambun Hotel. It was like from a 5 star Gurney Hotel to a 1 star Inn. LOL. No lah, it was actually alright since we just needed a place to bunk it. =) IMG_2150 And have to really thank Khoo’s aunt (another aunt) who found us this accommodation and sponsored 50% (that was only like after negotiation according to Khoo cause she wanted to pay for the whole thing!). Thank you so much! =)IMG_2157 His aunt then brought us to have seafood. It was so fantastic. I had the time of my life eating crabs! So sorry not much picture here because my camera ran out of battery! IMG_2165 I would have love to camwhore more and even take picture with his aunt. So here goes some pictures…IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2166 The food that I managed to take pictures of. Ok, it was Shane who took those pictures. Sighh people who are short have naturally shorter hands *try to sound proud* LOL IMG_2167 The white nut meg drink. It tasted like something I ate before but not drink. I still cannot figure out what it was LOL. But it was nice.

While waiting for the food to be served, Wen Hao showed his great ability to kill houseflies. Last time it was mosquitoes show time, this time was housefly. He was damn good and accurate at that. Wonder where he learnt all these LOL IMG_2168 Fish. It is ray I think.  IMG_2169Brinjal, bean curd with prawn. =) I love to eat brinjal but I have to be careful when eating it to avoid irritating my mouth. And it was so funny because I did not realise it is brinjal and had to ask LM to confirm. LOLIMG_2170 Chicken. I only had one because I find the deep fried squid platter very nice LOL and I kept on eating that. Sorry no pictures of that and the fantastic crab. No battery.IMG_8152 I do have some pictures from Sze Ling camera though. Thank you Sze Ling! =) Here they are… please just see and forget how unladylike I was.IMG_8170 OK, out of all the girls there, I was the one who was totally unladylike. HAHA. Not like I am ladylike usually LOL i was enjoying it so much that you can see I did not realise my nose and side of my mouth were dirtied. My hands were totally messy.

OK..forget you saw that picture. Now move on to the others LOLIMG_8163He was much dirtier LOL He used all ten fingers!!!IMG_8168OK sorry sorry. Thanks for teaching me how to open the crabs with teeth. But no thanks cause my teeth will seriously break I think. IMG_8167The others showed me how to use the nut cracker and hammer to open. I failed with the hammer. But I love the nut cracker. HEHE. Next time, just invite me to eat crabs with you, I do not mind to open for you all! =))  IMG_8173IMG_8166IMG_8171I really had the time of my life. I never ate crabs like this. Please do not ask how I used to eat my crabs LOL I was actually very full. I did not expect the crabs to come. When it came, I was damn upset cause I do not know how to open them. LM then got me one big fat claw. All opened! YUM!! And seeing how they enjoyed opening it, I wanted to do so too. I did not regret =) Thanks so much to Khoo’s aunt! Such good hospitality!

Eating seafood reminds me a lot of Zen Xern. His family brought us to eat till my stomach nearly burst last time. At another different place. Totally yummy with the cute little dessert. I forgot the name lah HAHA. Totally yummy too.

I always choose seafood over other things when in flight. But most of the time you have to actually request for seafood as they usually have a choice between chicken and beef. Or else, it would always be fish only. Too bad! Anyway how… it was a great dinner and then we went back to the hotel while Amanda, Shane, LM and YX went their ways.

It was shower then sleep time for all of us because we would start the day real early (leave that for the next post! =P). But the boys had some card games while we girls showered first. It was real nice of them to give us the queen size bed. I felt guilty actually to have the guys who drive us around slept on the floor even though they insisted. They were totally nice. Thanks so much.


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