Going to KLIA

I was still at Penang during the day of my flight. Khoo and JJ had to rush from Penang to KLIA, KL to send me off. Thanks so much for that. We woke up at about 4am and set off from the hotel at 5.20am. IMG_2174 I really appreciate the fact that they were so tired yet made the trip to KLIA. And am so sorry that they had to speed to get me there. IMG_2172We had some stops to get some fresh air and to allow Khoo and JJ to rest. =) Throughout the journey I had lots of guilty nap due to the persistent. I was thinking that my body was allowing itself to rot because I am heading back to Brunei soon. LOL. FYI, I did not go into a hospital just yet because when I got back, my gastric miraculously went away.IMG_2178 At about 9.30am, we reached KLIA. I reached the big board to have a look at the check-in counter and time. Being so blur, I looked at the gate number instead of the gate and thought the counter was closed. IMG_2179But it is impossible because it says open. The rows of counter had no one then. I went to double check. It is ROW G! Something was amiss. I walked around and went back to the board to realise it is Counter C and Gate 8 ==” HAHA IMG_2182Checked-in. No overweight of baggage. JJ predicted it to be 21 or 22KG. Guess what? It turned out to be 14.8KG only Hehe.  I would prefer MAS to AirAsia because there are more things to see and more places to shop at KLIA than LCCT. And also for the fact that I get drinks all the time. And there is food too. Not so much of the food for the long flight. I just love having light drinks all the time =PIMG_2181My phone battery ran out of battery and I was planning to find a place to charge it using my own charger while going online. It is bad that KLIA does not have such a centre. Singapore Changi has this centre where you can online there. KLIA probably should set up something like that. Or like Paris Charles de Gaulle, has stands which allow you to place your laptop and connect to power supply and online.

Finally I found some switches only to realise I checked in my charger ==” I then just blogged using Windows Live Writer. No internet connection but at least I can blog and post later when I get back to Brunei mah. IMG_2180 Soon after it was announced that the boarding gate was changed and it was delayed by ten minutes.IMG_2187 Waiting to board. But was so bored. So instead of going in first, I walked around more. HAHA. There were alerts on H1N1. And there were quite some people wearing masks.IMG_2184IMG_2188 And finally boarded and on my way back home =) I was given the window seat =) But near the emergency exit.. which means the view is blocked by the wing. I do not like it >< haha. Nevermind.IMG_2189 IMG_2190 IMG_2191 They changed their seats covering! Mine was in orange =) Blue, green, orange and red. All were real nice except for the blue. I love blue but that tone was a bit not nice. Hehe.IMG_2195 And the meal. This time they used lunch boxes style rather than the tray type. IMG_2202 And yes, I get two drinks as always. And will constantly ask for more =PIMG_2196 It was actually made from sugar cane fibers. So add points for being environmentally friendly =) The food was.. IMG_2200 Hmm.. the dessert which I always have first (just incase I had too much of the main course and could not eat the dessert) was nice. IMG_2197 Really, honestly, it was nice. The chicken and rice was so so. Chicken was nice but not the briyani rice. I was too full to finish them up. I could not even get those chocolates in! ><IMG_2198 I was pretty much awake despite tired throughout the flight. Actually it was because of two Indian or whoever sitting beside me. They have really strong body odour. And the guy kept moving around and had his hands wide open. You know? Yeah, just those sort of things. I nearly fainted.IMG_2211IMG_2210 IMG_2213 Yeah they are different pictures. Brunei is all forests LOLIMG_2216 And I landed =)) Everything was quick. I got out within half an hour. It was claiming the luggage that took time >< But all is well. My baby sister and dad came to pick me up =)) My baby sister is as cute but a little bit more taller. She smiled sheepishly at me. Keep on tagging me along, attracting my attention, talking gibberish to me, telling me she missed me and how much she love me. It is so good to be home =)

And thanks to Khoo, JJ, Wen Hao, Hayden, Amanda and Sze Ling for all these. Thanks for such a great trip. Thanks for such great fun. Thanks for such great times. Thanks for sending me to KLIA safely. Thanks for everything =D And shall see you all soon again =)


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