1. Someone is here now to do more furnishing to the toilet. This time it is the sink. Water supply was justclosed for an hour since ten minutes ago. But I feel so much like going to the toilet now ><

2. I am still very reluctant to go out of home. Probably tonight I will do so. Give The Mall a visit and to The Body Shop. Just wonder how they will still joke about my “Satu o’clock” and “Satu tengah” I never wondered why it was always related to time. Speaking Malay to native Malay speakers when you are not really comfortable with the language itself, without really thinking created so many jokes for me then. HAHA

3. My baby sis love accompanying my brother playing Dota! I have always known she, as like me, is not the typical girl. Never into the too girly side of things. But I did not expect her to enjoy Dota.

4. I was pretty much wanting to go to Caper’s and Escapade for heavy meals but now, the feeling fluctuates. And most probably I would not even though it was set to be on Saturday night that we would go to Escapade.

5. I have yet to meet my aunt. Just because I am too lazy to go out I have not met her. However, she is still wondering if I brought back H1N1. HAHA

6. Last night, I tried on my long dresses more suitable for night formal wear. And they still fit. So.. go figure!

7. My baby sister is crying at least once a day because of my younger sister. I do not know what to do other than ask her to come to me. My baby sis still loves blowing bubbles a lot. She always have one bottle of bubbles with her. And she shares =) She loves catching the bubbles too. But it does not cheer her up.

8. I have been updating my blog way too much. Not a kind of addiction. Just loves the documentation of whatever happened. With the rate at which how my brain degrades, it should be good. And also just in case I really do have an unknown disease that involve people not able to differentiate between left and right and also stumbles/trips a lot.

9. I have not meet a lot of people; my grandma, my uncle and his family (other than the kids), my aunt, and all my friends. More than ten days still. We shall see.

10. Brunei is boring just simply because I refuse to go out. LOL


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