Its scary… *updated*

Everyone is freaking me out with H1N1. In KLIA, it was all those people with masks and the info boards. Back here, it is my family and friends.

Seriously, maybe I made the right choice to stay home. I went out just now and everyone was telling me how serious it is and how the school holidays are extended another week (that is why my sisters are not at school).

I saw my aunt and uncle. Was tired though I was out for awhile only. So I did not stay to talk and went home. I last heard everyone got a good scolding for the proposal to renovate the restaurant was not done, the new menu is not drafted and a lot more stuff.

My friends (as can be seen from Facebook) have been warning me about H1N1 and wants me to do some self-quarantine. I laughed it off. But now, thinking back, maybe I should… I am having headache and some sinus problem. This could mean H1N1. OMG… I am damn paranoid now TT


My brother paid the doctor a visit as he has all the symptoms of H1N1. Presumably, he is not affected by the H1N1 flu. I have some of them; headache (ok, should be fever but I do not think I have that), sore throat and flu (which comes and go, I think its more to the allergy and sinus problem). I should be safe.

Since I came back, when I go out, I would be at my dad’s restaurant only. Last night, my headache prevented me from going to The Mall to visit my friends. Tonight, I made it there. It was a total shock. Most people were using a mask. When I saw my friends in The Body Shop, they all forced a mask on me and ask me to use it. Being vain, I did not use it LOL.

There are already death cases in Brunei. And more than 100 were affected. Thus, the big concern. I do not want to be one of them. Being quarantined would be sad TT (I heard its like a jail room in Tutong TT) OMG


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