I have been eating way too much LOLIMG_2272 And weirdly enough, I have been drinking Ribena. My baby sister loves it and I drink it with her. Very often HAHA.

As I said, I have been having too much food. Eating non-stop. Ok, I did stop but continued once my stomach is free. HAHAIMG_2248 Lamb chop and chipsIMG_2268 I do not know who bought it but it came from Miri, MalaysiaIMG_2269 Philippines sausagesIMG_2270 Lekor, not really nice as they are not thin enough. I used to only eat this during the Sultan’s birthday. Now, its found everywhere making it not so special HAHAIMG_2274 Fish head. Not really nice. I only ate because the fish was very fresh. NOT cooked by my dad. He went to eat with his friend in Hua Hua Restaurant.IMG_2286 Home-made carrot cake =) Totally healthy made with olive oil and ground almond. Cream cheese topping =) IMG_2291 And.. CRABS. Cooked my father’s style. He always cook this way. I ate a lot but I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed while in Penang. Probably because I did not get to open them myself. And a lot of the meat went wasted because I do not know how to eat expertly like my mom. HAHAIMG_2273 Ok, I ate more than those food but did not take pictures. Ate a lot of Filipino dishes (such as Bangus, fish cooked with vinegar, mung bean soup), ate sushi in Escapade, and a lot more which I cannot really recall anymore. IMG_2293 And this is how my DIET goes =) LOL All these will stop when I step my foot on Malaysia soil HAHA


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