My weekend is only Saturday and Sunday HAHAHA. OK, life in Brunei is damn boring >< Cannot wait to go back to KL.IMG_2407 Saturday was totally spent with Emily and Wei Kee. They came up specially from KB to Gadong to find me. I was so elated. =D Went to Ice Bar and had shabu shabu. Something new finally in Brunei.IMG_2368 It was like having steamboat but just that you have a pot to yourselves. It was not bad but as usual, I could not finish the food. IMG_2381IMG_2385IMG_2382 I just ordered the MOST basic set (which consists of the things shown on the above three pictures) and still let that much…IMG_2394 I even ordered this specialty drink. ==” I always reminded myself not to be so greedy. But… always still end up like this!IMG_2383From this lunch, I find out I am still not good at cracking an egg! ==” I will get more practice! =PIMG_2427 And we went shopping and all =) Bought more FOOD to bring to KL! OMG. I have like so many Uncle Toby and Arnotts now! Yeah, Australian food, me love!IMG_2411 Met Pui Lim (Wei Kee’s friend). Had lots of fun. So wished Ann and Patricia were with us =(( Nevermind, December! =DIMG_2428Sunday, which is today, is some kind of a miracle for me LOL. I woke up damn early despite sleeping so late “early”. Went to Jangsak house. Actually planned to just stay there. But I just felt like spending time out with my parents and outside. Moreover, tomorrow morning, I have to go to the immigration again with my dad. (Sighhh.. me do not likey the immigration paper works and processes!) IMG_2434 Was there to make sushi! I have been wanting to make them since I was in Sunway. But never had the chance. IMG_2435  This time they felt like having some Japanese food session. IMG_2431Gi Gi cannot eat chicken, egg, seafood and any dairy products. So, we just have home made ones.IMG_2438Salad and mango completes everything. IMG_2436 Seriously, everyone is having durian but I am having mango. Like LOTS of them. And they reminds me of ANN!!!IMG_2441 After that, it is cake baking session with my aunt again! =DIMG_2444 But the kids were waiting for us so that they can do some performances and shows. So we had to rush.IMG_2447 This time it was story telling and Gi Gi playing the violin. I only have Gi Gi playing the violin on video and not picture. >< IMG_2447 It was so sweet of them to specially come up with story telling and violin performance =) Gi Gi was too shy to come out and make a bow after her performance. Haha. Look carefully at the picture below, she was standing at the far right. We, the audience was seating on the stairs. HeheIMG_2452 After that, my aunt planned to send some cupcakes to my dad’s restaurant. For afternoon tea but it was already 4pm. We did send and at last, end up shopping, and yeah, MORE Australian products! HAHA.

I can tell you that my check-in luggage is more than half full of FOOD ==” My sister told me this is like the first time she sees someone buy food and bring to KL. HAHAHA. Yeah Australian food is a bit pricey but I grew up eating them. This is just a family choice, not me being spoilt, ok? >< Especially Uncle Toby!! I never seen them in Malaysia. The bad thing is that they are more pricier in KL =(( So I stock up here! =D


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