17.07.2009 Time Square

This trip was made specially to try out the Krispy Kreme donuts. But it ended up to be a Harry Potter cinema time =PIMG_2525We all met up in Kelana Jaya and used the public transport to go around. IMG_2530First stop was at Masjid Jamek. Ended up in a bank. IMG_2538 Public Bank. IMG_2540 SOMEONE had “something” to do while we all just got all excited for him. OK, probably I was the only one who was excited HAHAHA. IMG_2542IMG_2543 We all, ok ok, I then do the usual stuff. Cam-whored and got reprimanded ==”IMG_2544 All were hungry and thus got to eat at a mamak around there. IMG_2549 I had maggi goreng. Taste is pretty good. I can say this is probably the first one I ever have. Hehe IMG_2548 My drink with THREE ants >< Haha.. Khoo says ants good healthy food.IMG_2550 After filling our stomachs, we went on to the trains and moved to another station, Hang Tuah. IMG_2552 From there, we walked to Times Square. IMG_2555 Passed by a prison. IMG_2554 Wanted to go in if possible but then its closed to the public TTIMG_2557 First thing we notices was KRISPY KREME. But I had a full lunch. Very full indeed. And it was planned that we watch Transformer 2 again but with a live sized view which is supposed to be super fantastic. IMG_2559 The ticketing people said it would just be normal views but zoomed in. That totally squashed the initial excitement in me to watch it. IMG_2583 Randomly, Khoo suggested that we watch Harry Potter (Amanda! Sorry!! We will go play together to make up for that ok? =D)IMG_2562  While waiting for the movie time, we went to have a drink at Gasoline. IMG_2563It is totally different from the pirate ship concept in Sunway Pyramid. IMG_2569 We just went in for a drink. And we got more than we bargained for… IMG_2582 Hope the picture tells you something. Hahaha… we then left for the movie. It was not that bad but I still love the book =P IMG_2589 And then it is Krispy Kreme time! =D Had been anticipating it. When I saw the machines making the glazed donuts, I felt like I was in Charlie’s Chocolate factory HAHAHAIMG_2591 Made Khoo and Wen Hao promised to eat them together with me. IMG_2594 But seriously, maybe the donuts was not really fresh? I do not know. IMG_2595 I cannot find why/where all the hype about Krispy Kreme donuts come from >< Anyway, some disappointment here. After that Wen Hao left because he had to go to church. We all stayed back to go to Guardian and Cold Storage. Got my marshmallows and guess what? I have been wanting to find couscous. IMG_2617 It is a kind of cold salad which I love when I was in Paris. I could not find those which I can prepare straight from the pack. Usually they just sell the couscous and you have to get other ingredients to make it. And now I found it for RM10 only. Should be reasonable? =D Hope it tastes nice =D

After those dilly-dallying, mostly because of me, we decided to go for dinner. Really have to thanks those guys for their patience. And for always waiting while I snap random pictures. HAHA. IMG_2597 We used the trains again to get back to Kelana Jaya. It was then 9pm already that we have our dinner =D IMG_2599 This time is at a new place (for me) in Petaling Jaya. Tried some new stuff =D Nice. =D IMG_2608 Tosai. IMG_2609 Mango lassie. IMG_2603 IMG_2605 IMG_2607 IMG_2611 Them having their food =) And after that fulfilling dinner, we went to Amanda’s place. Yes, she is back from Shanghai. IMG_2614 It was about 10pm which was quite late and we stayed till 12.15am. Time really flies. Heard some great piano tunes from both Amanda and Dhayalan, but not Khoo, he MUST play next time =P

And it was a great day out =D And Wen Hao, very sorry. Do not make me feel guilty anymore ok? LOL. Had so much fun and this is the way to holiday. Before. A. New. Semester. Starts. LOL


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