Reminder!!! *updated*

CCFoo! This is the first day of your semester, and you are already affected. Where are your promises to yourself and those who care?

NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO AFFECT YOUR MOOD. NO MATTER WHAT. People who love to create misery, they will rot in hell because we should believe in karma.

Forget what the stupid bitch witch did. Just ignore. When people could not understand the situation, it must be because they are stupid or inconsiderate that they have not been in the situation. And karma will get back to them.

If it happened, let it be; forgive and forget. Do not let it go on like a time bomb. It will be the ultimate death of happiness. Life is wonderful. Should never be affected by unworthy people. Stay happy =)

*deep breathe* … IN … OUT!

Stay happy! =D


Thanks for each and everyone who cared. It makes me feel loved and all =D I cherish that and its you people who make me go a long way. Thanks so much =) I was already alright after blogging about it.

And thanks to those who advised me to just left this post here. It is just a good reminder for myself to stay strong too perhaps? =D

*hugs to everyone*


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