Sometimes when you do not say or express the gratitude, people do understand. But because of the effort you have to put in to express it personally, it makes it all the more worthwhile. Sincerely, I thank all you out there who rendered me a helping hand/ears/shoulders all the time.

Here, I would once again sincerely thank every of those special angels I met. Those gratitude are hard to express even just by “thank you’s”. Just would love to let those who care and those who love me that I am a strong person full of optimism albeit the pessimistic outlook at times.

I believe I have been mature in handling my issues and not involve people in what ever that has been bothering me. In all matters, it is always how you yourself handle that shows how the things will proceed. I chose to put things in the light where I (yes, me myself) is the barrier.

And true enough, I am the one who is the barrier and I am the one that cannot overcome what is blocking myself. But I believe I am strong enough. Especially with such a big bunch of great friends, I can make it through =)

Loves and hugs all out to my angels =)


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