BKT at Klang 24.07.2009

It was a planned trip but suddenly, was uncertain whether we will make it or not. However, just came out right at last minute. As planned, only two cars and to Chee Sian’s aunt bak kut teh =)

Before that smooth trip, we went to enquire about an exchange program to Shanghai. I desperately want to make it but conditions say otherwise. I should have just settled my citizenship ASAP then. Sighh.. its no time for regret now anyway. *Cheer up!* On the brighter side, I can go learn how to drive =)IMG_2806 After that, we waited for Chee Sian and made a long car trip to Klang. It was quite far. Had a nice meal together =) IMG_2807 Preparing tea.IMG_2815 It was fun pouring tea from that little tea pot and into those mini white jars. We should start playing some masak-masak session lah! HAHAIMG_2821 No idea what tea but it was very bitter initially. Tea’s like this, ain’t it? First time I saw this thing.IMG_2838 IMG_2824IMG_2825 Because of Chee Sian, we get complimentary stuff too =)) The fish was so crispy that I ate the tail and fins =)IMG_2826 Dry bak kut teh. IMG_2827 Wet bak kut teh. Ok lah, its bak kut teh with soup type. It was my first type having the dry type of bak kut teh. Not bad =) IMG_2843 Fried shallots. Best served with rice =) Not forgetting with the bak kut teh soup! =) And this is why I finished my rice way before the others. =PIMG_2841 This is a hungry Wen Hao who ate so many pots of bak kut teh and also licked his plate clean! HAHAHA

And really many thanks to Chee Sian’s parents! They treat us the meal and refused us to pay! I have not even met them! Really thank you (even though I think they do not read my blog haha)IMG_2847 Turning coins into rings. Yes, rings! Those you put on your fingers!IMG_2849 Dropped by here for JJ to buy some stuff. Chocolate making! So sweet lah! IMG_2851 And I just knew that cooking chocolate can come in pink orange and green too!IMG_2852 Then we parted ways with Khoo, Sze Ling and I in one car. Jasmine, Wen Hao, Chu Ying, JJ and Hayden in another. And that was when we went to a computer shop so that Sze Ling’s laptop can get some upgrade. =)

It was some great time spent. We ended back in the university to meet up with Wen Hao. Stayed for sometime. It was a great day out though mostly spent in car =P



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