First lab of Year 2, Semester 2

This semester, I aimed to get to know more people (was in one of my previous posts). I got to know a very funny and nice guy called Dhayalan through Khoo.

Very grateful indeed because even before my new semester started, I already got to know new friend =) However, things do not stop here. I got to know a few other people better.

Today, was my first ever lab class for this semester. I went in, spot a nice place and start to get myself a partner. Who is that?

I got to know a very pretty girl through Microbiology laboratory last semester but everything ends with just a random one liner from her. I cannot even recall her name. And I actually got ashamed then because she knew my name but I do not know her name. Finally, got to know her name through Von Yi then.

She is the very one that I spotted this morning and approached to be my laboratory partner for Cellular Metabolism lab albeit I forgot her name. From now onwards, I will make sure that I do remember as I share more chats with her in between the laboratory works =) Everyone spins a different unique tale and this is life =)

Today is a very tiring day indeed. I had my sleep. Let’s hope tonight will be a productive one =)


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