Pastor Kenneth

First off, I have to say that I am supposed to be doing some work NOW. However, I just had things differently today and feel like blogging it (Not like I do not LOVE it =P). Things today did not exactly changed my life but I appreciated that.IMG_3265*courtesy of Khoo LOL*

I actually stayed back in university to do some work. Not a lot but at least I got some work done. Followed Michelle to Monash Christian Fellowship from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. This is because Pastor Kenneth would be preaching. I do not know who this Pastor Kenneth is but I trust Michelle.

It turned out great. He is a funny guy telling very down to earth stories and his childhood moved me to tears. I never thought my childhood was bad but I could never understand how a person who went through stuff worse than me gather the courage to be like him, standing in front of me in such a joyous mood with lots of passion.

His family was shattered when he was only 1. He followed his dad who is a marijuana addict. This basically means he is not with his mom and his dad is almost non-existent. Its so much more worse and sad that you have a drug addict to call a dad. Brought up by a grandmother who did not shower him with the supposed LOVE. And his sister jumped off a building right in front of him before she was even 21. Think of all those trauma THEN and how positive he is NOW.

He was true about how he did not get the love yet is preaching love. This made it all the more worthwhile. I am indeed a very lucky one to have grown up with unconditional love from my uncle and aunt. Just imagine, I could have been his “sister”. I totally feel his feeling and what he said moved me. Something in me realised something. And thank god I realised it! =DIMG_3268 During the Christian Fellowship, I got to know many new people but I do not recall any new names now LOL. So sorry. I went to have dinner at A&W. Michelle brought us =P Thanks a lot =)IMG_3267 Came home about 9pm. Plopped down on my bed right away. More than an hour of nap, and I just showered. Here I am, supposedly doing my report and assignment! Ok, shall start now =)IMG_3269 P.s. No, I am not a Christian but I do love listening to talks sometimes, when it is not so much about their God. =P Bible is a really good story book =) *to me*


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