Another soon-to-be hospital experience.

I do not know whether this is a time for me to blog or not. The state of how my left hand is right now, I think its best I do not blog. But oh well, I love blogging. Others would be thinking whether its best I do my heaped assignments and reports now instead. But, still, I want to blog. =P Maybe this is counted as a documentation of yet another “recessive genes in CCFoo” or just I owe some explanation to some people =P

Actually my left wrist has been in discomfort for more than a week, few days after Bon Odori I think. It got more painful every time I carried slightly heavy stuff or did the dishes. But I just thought it might be minor stuff like sprained? I do not remember falling or knocking something hard. So I ruled out fractures. But, being as paranoid as I can with my health, I also thought of having a tumour there ==”

Last two nights, I could not sleep well. Kept waking up due to the intense pain. The pain was very much like those of my gastric where I just roll all over the floor crying. But these few times, its my hand.

I considered long before I called home to talk about it to my family. I never liked people worrying me over my stuff, especially when its something sad or health-concerned. Its nothing to do with ego, just plainly, I do not like my family and friends, people who care, to get worried. I feel very guilty indeed about all those moments.

However, with the fact that I cannot bear pain and the nature of how I love to complain about things, people who care or talk a lot to me would hear me complaining non stop. Unintentionally. Luckily when you are overseas, your family cannot sense them =P

Last semester, I had a bout of gastric lasting more than half a month. I could not stand it and called back too. There were some (NOT my family because they do know how I got admitted to hospital a few times before for it) who made me felt worse for doubting whether my gastric was real or not. To hell with those people and I do hope you will get to feel the pain of intense gastric pain. Or probably you already got the karma? =P Ok, I am damn mean and evil. But considering then, those people were more mean and evil.

Anyway, back on track, I told my sister at first and refused to go to the doctor in fear that they would administer some IV inflammatory drug or pain reducing stuff? A night after, I gave in and talked to my family. They are very worried even after what the doctor said as my aunt doubted what the GP said, especially when he did not do any tests on me. But, seriously, hope things will be good. I want to stop thinking about the blood test that is going to happen. Its haunting me!

Tomorrow morning, I would be asked to get a blood test (and my family ask me to request for ANF blood test) and x-ray! Yeah, my aunt, who is a nurse called me to ask about everything and told me what to expect and what to request from the doctor. I planned to actually ignore the hospital trip but after seeing how worried my family is, I decided its my responsibility to just get what must be done, done and let them have a peace of mind.

Anyway, I here would love to thank and show some gratitude to Khoo, Wen Hao, Michelle, Lee Ming and Shane and a few others, for everything (in no special order). Wish its nothing autoimmune and I do not play a drama like “One Litre of Tears” Ok, stop being so paranoid. It should not be something so serious =)IMG_3404 And yeah, now I have my hand bandaged very funnily. They do not have splint in the clinic so I got a few sticks from the doctor and bandages from Watson to hold my wrist in place. HAHA. Before that was torturous moments of forcing on a wrist support by Lee Ming and Shane. Looked so much like they were bullying me LOL Anyway how, thanks a lot =)

And as a responsible daughter and niece, I shall promise not to shower late nights again no matter how sweaty or uncomfortable I feel. Just wipe with wet towel =)

Hope the fear for tomorrow will subside… =) *look hopeful* Will update soon! =D


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