I am learning how to not win all arguments and fights. If it is a principle or virtue in my life, it might not be for the others. If it matters a lot to me, it might not be to the others. It might be from a good point of view but others might not see it that way. So, learn to not push it into others.IMG_3641 Regret or not, it is their doings. As long as I am not doing anything that renders me to be guilty =) Sometimes, learning is from falling. And it might be a good way?IMG_3621 Others only care about the end point. If I chose to enjoy the journey, then that shall be it. There is no need to make others enjoy the journey too if that is not what they are searching for.IMG_3268 On a more random point, I am learning to take care of myself. In better ways, emotionally and health wise. Emotionally, I am progressing well I think =)IMG_7062Health wise? HAHA.. Ok, no late showers. More fruits and vegetables (think: iron). Bandage on wrist remains. As the doctor says, the bandage just reminds you to that your left hand is hurt and shall not do strenuous stuff. It NEEDS to be remove one day. What you have to learn is to adjust and not strain it more, even after it is painless. No matter how, life must go on, so I must learn to cope with the pain too TT


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