I actually felt being loved. Its more intense. Not the BGR type. Just some TLC from people around me. Most very unexpected. I felt blessed to have people who cares and who understands, turning around me. Even people whom I am not really attached to, go to, not to say lengths but good enough ways to help me. Something, even friends many thought are closer to me do not even care about.

But, nonetheless, I feel care from everyone. Thanks for all the tolerating time. And to put up with do-not-know-when-it-will-be-better-hand-condition.

Seriously, I have got enough doses of nagging and scolding from my family daily. OK, not scolding maybe, but just care in the form where they will accuse me of not taking good care of myself. Sometimes, things are just hard. There are so many things that I have to still go on with…

It is hard enough I have to endure the pain. Just being supportive rather than saying things like, “You could have….”, “You should not have…”, etc right? It does not help cause the pain is already here. But I know it is also all out of love.

My family, especially my uncle is very worried. I am very upset and sorry over all these. I do not want this to happen too. I hope to recover too. Just there are too many obligations I have to go through with. And there are “accidents” which made my hand seem as if it is irrecoverable.

And maybe I underestimated my condition again today. It went slightly worse. I really thought my hand is better. However, after counting the leaves and recording them using right hand while having the book on the left hand, it was baddd… I learnt my lesson. And hope I will constantly remember my left hand is not for work anymore TT (No Wen Hao, its not GSD Type I or V…My liver is not on my left wrist LOL)

I hope to one day tell my family that my hand actually is not painful anymore rather than all these “It is still the same… a little pain mostly and intense at times yadda yadda…” honest shit!

Hope you all did not find it a chore to read what I typed because it was a chore for me to type all these… TT but I hope to remember I did something wrong to myself and those who cares today through this post. So sorry!


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