Korean Food 14.08.2009

Hehe.. yeah I seriously do not know what is wrong with me LOL. I am down with a bad cough. (I do not live in denial haha) and I still wants some Korean food.

I actually stayed back in university to get something done. But then I did not bring my laptop and things, I could not get much done. So I end up bumming around. When evening came, we went to look at our spinach babies ❤IMG_3987 They are growing well *proud* We were supposed to measure the heights and number of leaves. Work was partially done yesterday. IMG_3999So Jasmine and I went to count it today. And that was how my wrist got worse. I am on painkillers now… that is why I am typing these blog posts HAHAIMG_3997 After all those, it was kind of late and enjoyed ourselves watching basketball match =) It has been a long time I went to see a basketball match =(

I was misinformed and no one bothered to actually tell me the plan. So I just figured why should I wait for those who never care to inform? Moreover, I thought they have already done what we intended to do (that is, grocery shopping). No point of going there anymore, especially it was so late that they then decide to ask me for dinner. Gastric would have struck. My main priority now: health. Note to family, I am really taking care of myself. =D Minus the sleeping part first. =P

So, it was decided to go to dinner with Khoo they all. Actually more of them changing their plans to eat dinner with me *touched*IMG_4011 And here is my Korean food =) SPICY to the max but I enjoyed with them =)


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