Not only a farmer and florist…

We now even pay to become children! HAHA…IMG_3918 We played with soil to feel their texture and to know how to classify them. IMG_3921 It was total awesome possum. Including how Dr Joe actually scrap off the idea of us doing a report for it. But exclude the fact that my hand got more swollen too cause of too much fun! HAHA

Pictures time =)IMG_3922IMG_3923IMG_3930IMG_3929 IMG_3943IMG_3939IMG_3940 Happy birthday Brian and JueShea!IMG_3937 That’s Brian shitting! HAHAHAHAIMG_3937 IMG_3936 The birthday cake LOL

At the end of the session, we were reminded to check on our flowers. IMG_3950Our lab demos this semester are all total awesome possum too =) IMG_3958 IMG_3970IMG_3973 And oh yeah, forgot to mention, the university actually have temperature checks now. IMG_3916 And to go into lab, we have to pass through “custom”! HAHAIMG_3917


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