One month

Today is exactly one month that my wrist had been in trouble. Guess what? This morning, I woke with no pain on my wrist. *run three rounds and jump around!*

It just felt stiff. I could not bend the left wrist as much as I can for right wrist. Hope time will help it recover better. And *touch wood* no relapses although the doctor says the chances are always there.

I was able to carry some light stuff though, for more than half a minute, before I start to feel my wrist got strained. I was able to cut honeydew! Ok, I used right hand to do that. But left hand did some job in stabilising the honeydew what?! Hehe..IMG_4226 And I went for the Chinese Incountry Program Interview. Conference type. Cool =D Was interviewed regarding the appropriateness of the level to be placed =) I applied for levels 1 and 2. But was given levels 7 and 8. Initially, they wanted to place me in levels 9 and 10. *Dumb-struck!*IMG_4229 The lady called Ms Candy Wang (left) then reconsidered and placed me in levels 7 and 8. The guy (middle) then told me if I find it too easy, I shall just tell my home faculty to ask them upgrade. *Who will be so silly? HAHAHA* OK, maybe there are people like that. Just my aim is to relax and enjoy Shanghai =DIMG_4233 I did ask if they would allow me to go to levels 5 and 6 if I find it tough. But the guy (in the middle again) said I won’t ==” Mostly, the guy in the middle interacted with me. I was encouraged to speak in Chinese. But as I talk, I realised I switched to English automatically because I could not find the words in Chinese *shame on me*

Another matter is, my baby spinach are growing well =D All healthy =D The flowers are not dead yet, so no reports for now yet (hopefully) =P *fingers crossed*IMG_4181 Anyway how, today is a very happy day. Very happy indeed. OK, now is the time to nap and wake to try finish up one report. Good time everyone =)


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