A short one…

1. Busy. Very busy indeed. This coming week is so gonna hit me hard. More sleepless times.

2. Had Secret Recipe cakes. Yes, plural =P

3. Hand is not behaving well. But I think I learn to cope better with pain now. Well, if my mood is good, the pain seems to be better. If I am sad or however, the pain feels terrible. Some sort like this. I do not know?!

4. Missing the specific someone a lot. =( I want to talk to him.

5. Looking forward to Ann’s arrival =D

6. Trying to get this into my head: “Learn to give with an open heart. Orelse, learn to say NO!”

7. Just wants some people to know that I do know you all really care about me. But sometimes, its not a matter of whether you-say-and-I-do-it thing. Things are not always as easy. Only, just only, you all try to really understand.

8. Am trying to tell people that karma is an existent issue. However, it might be because I think the world is unfair and wants to justify it that the world is NOT unfair by using karma. The world probably just needs time to balance out everything. I am starting to doubt myself even. I will try to sound more convincing next time.

9. Has been going through a lot emotionally but prefer to just sweep through them. Those who knows, thank you for caring. Those who do not, it was never meant for you all to know then. So, do not ask. =)

10. Am wondering whether to make it to Shanghai or internship. Dr Song, please… I am waiting to see what’s the catch =P


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