Long weekend!

It is always him who made me tear. OK, I should say the coincidence that when he talked to me, I was very down and depressed. Things that I am not supposed to dwell in, things I am supposed to just ignore, etc… I know very well.

Just when the things happened, it hurt… like hell… OK, I do not know how being in hell is like. But I felt like I was thrown into a deep black hole. Unable to climb up. Crying has always been a good way to let me let go of the things inside me and cheer up again.

But I dislike the aftermath where my face is warm, eyes are red and watery and the red round nose! The breathlessness. The throaty voice. Nevermind, people who saw, just pretend that I was having a bad case of flu. Thank you.

I must really get this thing into my head: “Happiness is not what happened but how we reacted to what happened.” CHEERS =)


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