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This post might be filled with many random pictures =PDSC05008Ha! Seem like it has been so long I hang around here. Well, three days is long for me I guess =P Anyway, I am now having my one week long mid sem break.

DSC05027*No idea who took this but this shows I am hard at play work*

Its more like an assignment week rather with six works on hand plus one report which was given an unofficial extension till Monday (Officially the first day of my break). Other than the 6+1 reports/assignments, I still have to deal with many other things such as my air tickets, enrolment for the units in Shanghai, writing all sorts of semi-formal emails, sorting out banking stuff and many more. IMG_0036 I wasted my Sunday away by doing my report half-heartedly. Chat non-stop, Facebook-ing to my heart’s content (FRIM’s pictures!!), reading blogs and other dilly dally-ing stuff! And till the very next Monday morning, I was still taking it easy but at a relatively more pressurized pace.IMG_0017 Until someone decided to talk to me about inherent trust and friends. I spent my time relating those rather than doing my report! Hmm.. but it was alright, I get to doubt over being so naive all over again. (A point here, I did not choose to be naive, just people’s perception placed me there)IMG_0020 Other than that, I had to help others with their things. Non stop calls, sms, MSN and also settle some issues regarding the flights, course fees etc When all was over, it was practically 1pm ++ and I have not even done more than a fifth of my discussion!  IMG_0029 With the time pressure at its max, I completed right before 4.30pm. Printed and got out of the house at 4.45pm. Taxi was there and I got to the lab 5 minutes to 5pm. Hit by panic that I could not locate the lab. IMG_0030 Oh well, this is when I feel my phone is so useful! Two minutes before 5pm, I got my work (along with Lee Ming and Shane ones) handed in. *Phewww* DSC05009 Rushed to meet Meaghan and she was still doing it! I was panicking myself all over again for her. Thinking back, I must have seemed so silly funny! IMG_0031 After Meaghan handed in her work, we talked till about 6pm. I was supposed to go out with Yan Wan at 6.30pm. Guess its a hassle to catch a cab home to wait her there so I just stay put in Monash. DSC05011 Went to have dinner. Wanted something easy on my stomach since I just had milk for lunch (I was running out of time! Even for food! LOL) The milk did its job though. I did not have gastric =P We chose porridge =) DSC05016 Lots of catching up while eating. We meet like once a semester. Meeting her for her convocation is not counted! >< And every time we meet, there will be something so “memorable”.DSC05023 Oh well, just put it positively, we have something real “memorable” to remind us of the rare meet-ups we have! =) It was a long night thereafter as I tried to do some cleaning up. My room was seriously in bad shape! Ever since my hand’s incident, I have not been cleaning it much other than sweeping and mopping.

IMG_0438 *new water bottle!*

Things piled up. It was still better than how my room in Brunei would be like though. But in Brunei, they will be magically cleaned [ok, not magically, thanks to Aunt Damas] every time I go back to it at night again.IMG_0037 It is different here, my fresh laundry just pile up, marked reports and assignments just laid around, the books were never back to where they were supposed to be, the stationeries just scattered around and many more ==”IMG_0045 So that night was a tiring yet productive one in terms of doing some cleaning. =) Had a power sleep and woke up to do some work with Sharron while she revises. IMG_0046 Well, I did get things sorted and few emails sent. Got to fulfill my promise to help her out with her studies. Had lunch with her and Meaghan who came over at around noon =) DSC05024 I went to nap while they two were diligently completing tasks. IMG_0813 We had fun talking and also celebrating Meaghan’s birthday having first ever mooncake eating session for Meaghan.IMG_0812 We had another visitor through internet HAHAHA I had fun and more fun thereafter when the visitor came up and looked at how girl talk is like HAHAHA… DSC05030 DSC05031 DSC05033DSC05032 We all went out to meet Chu Ying, JJ, Sze Ling and Wen Hao for dinner.  After that, went to get my camera.IMG_0011

Yes, you read it correctly, MY CAMERA! =P [Check Ixus 110 IS – of course Canon lah! hehe] And here goes the necessary cam-whoring! =P   IMG_0039 IMG_0010 IMG_0023IMG_0013 IMG_0009 Dropped Meaghan off Sunway Medical for her jared finger. [Great that it was all good again =)] IMG_0055 Came home to get some stuff done [Unsuccessful] Went for an hour plus nap and got some work done [Semi-successful]IMG_0070 It was all good times albeit now I feel heavy headed (woke up feeling slightly feverish) and have a scalded finger ==” [Ok, except for when I was forced to finish my dinner and when someone went a bit emo! *yeah, emo!*]IMG_0062 But still, I am very happy! =D Life can never be better =) Now.. I am looking forward to tomorrow if the plan really follow through. Then I can perhaps take more pictures of ducks! Yen Ming and Hui Sean!! No updates?!IMG_0067 Also looking forward to Pahang. This is totally unconfirmed but I am still hoping it does happen =) Been a more than one year always-say-only plan! LOL

Also hope to go for the Canon Photo Marathon! Anyone?!


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Missing Paris a lot…

IMG_6765 Yes, I am missing Paris a lot right now TTDSCF1349 I am listening to 李聖傑 songs. His songs were those I listened to countless times when I was there. IMG_6748I got my iPod around that time and did not have much songs. DSCF1302 I was not able to get songs from my sisters or friends then because right after I got my iPod in Singapore (three days post CNY shopping trip), I flew back to Paris.DSC02014 I got 李聖傑 songs and mainly other English songs. Very little Chinese songs indeed. DSC02263 His album at that time was like out for nearly a year and I thought it was new! LOL. DSCF1011 I even told Fai Lik about it enthusiastically  and to have him call me outdated ==”DSCF0992 I really miss Paris now =( SSL21940Fly me there! =((

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FRIM 26.09.2009

Now I am here again, taking my free time for granted. Should be doing my report which will be due on this coming Monday. Supposed to due yesterday but I have got such fantastic demos this semester! =D [Thank you Ms Cheryl!!]DSC04950 Anyway, today was at FRIM. Been such a long time I did not go out for such fun! =) I did not take much pictures because I lost my camera (remember?). And guess what? I lost my water bottle today (at the Malay Tea House where we had our lunch)! Haih… What luck eh recently?! Nevermind, another reason to get a new one!DSC04983 The trip was a tiring one but real fun. =) Not going to blog much about it though. A bit in lazy mode now. Oh! Yeah, a bit disappointing that I did not get to go on the Canopy Walkway… DSC04981 I was expecting it a lot prior to going. But last night, just got to know its under maintenance. I still wanted to go because it had been too long a time I go out to see the greeneries! Until I reached there, it felt a bit weird (and sad) not to be able to see any magnificent views =(DSC04945 While going down hill, just reminds me so much of my dad. Could hear his voices telling me to be careful and take it easy while going down hill. Yeah, I miss him a lot now. =(( He is still in Thailand now I guess. I won’t call him because it would cost him a bomb. [Hope he does remember to buy me things! – I reminded him more than thrice?!]DSC04926 Talking about Australia with Meaghan made me miss Patricia too =( So much sentiments. And it led me back to Paris too =( I miss Paris a lot ever since I came back from there. Everything from the weather to the trains to the streets to the people there =( *emo*

The trip was good and things all went according to plan. Weather was nice =) I actually wished for it to drizzle a bit on the way back because it would really made me re-live Paris =( Nevermind, I had real good company =) Thank you everyone =))

Oh yeah, and went to Meaghan’s place too. This made me laugh…DSC05004The “flatter” white noodle. This is much funnier…DSC05006 Kinda still very tired despite a two hours nap! HAHA more like I am wanting to waste my time relaxing. That is really a privilege for me now. I have so much things to settle still… [Things to Shanghai: Letters, Air Tickets, Visa etc, How to raise fund for my NEW camera (!!!) AND assignments and reports]

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Busy bee…

I have been real busy. Well, as always. Ann was here and I had a jammed pack time with her along with completing my assignments and reports. It bad cause I did not get to accompany her much.

And yesterday, just completed another two whole full report in a day! Talk about efficiency. But really glad that there were so many that helped me out =D Teaching me and guiding me on the reports. ❤ Thanks ❤

And I finished all my work RIGHT BEFORE my lab session! *Proud* Right after everything is done and settled, we went for lunch. Quite a long one. Walked around Pyramid, shopped for things for JJ. Yeah… JJ… He is down with dengue. On Thursday evening he seem so fine but yesterday, he looked totally worn out.

After visiting JJ in the hospital, we went to Asia Cafe. Do not know what to eat? Always end up there! HAHA.. I had a very very full meal. The ikan bakar was were not too bad =D *yumyum*

Came back home and got my deserved nap. Pack for THIS MORNING =D Super excited! Yay! Hope the day will not go emoooooo =D And everyone, good day to you all!

P.s. I am now having my mis sem break. But with loads of assignments and reports. Haih. And time table is out. EXAMS soon! >< Oh well, enjoy first for now! =P Happy day everyone! =D

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KL 22.09.2009

Seriously, I have been going out way too much and neglecting my work. I work well under time pressure. But I do still force myself to sit in front of my laptop and get some work done. I did so successfully (with 70% of the time chatting, facebooking and reading blogs) Damn underachieved. But at least I am not stressed out =PDSC04890 Anyway, today woke up very early. I slept only a few hours and then nap twice in the day. Just so I can do some work. I did my work until about 2pm. Then prepared to go to KL. Ann wanted to go to Petaling Street. It was her plan all along. Usually when I get there, its either too early or we reached just in time for dinner only. LOLDSC04877 Since I know Petaling Street would be livelier in the evening only, I made the decision to just go there at 3pm.DSC04875 Scoured the streets for what Ann wanted. Mission accomplished! Left with changing her BND and pounds to RM and to eat her guai ling gou.DSC04876 All done and we decided to have the late lunch, or more like dinner? HAHA… DSC04913 Went to Pavillion and chose the premium dining area. Level 6.  DSC04892DSC04893 DSC04907 DSC04910 DSC04911DSC04903Prices are alright =) Two sets and two drinks and the bill was less than RM70 =D Nice ambience. Food was not too bad =)DSC04901 Then to Grand Millennium for the screening of “Age of Stupid” Large parts were in French. Been so long I did not hear that tongue. Miss Paris a lot. And very glad that I can still make out what was said =)DSC04916 Shell was being targeted a lot. =( Not to say I support Shell with all the activities of them in Nigeria etc. I *surprise* actually do know of the situation in Nigeria. Threats, kidnaps etc happening and none wanted to work in Nigeria. When ever you get around, you need high security there. And people who was sent there, their pay got increased dramtically. Good pay but dangerous work. That was all for Total (The third biggest oil service provider company, Shell is the largest one.).DSC04918 But, you all know what? There is no Petronas, Exxon Mobil or their likes in Brunei. Only Shell. Had Brunei not been wise, I bet we would be living in a worse off condition! And I do not have the privilege I am enjoying now. Reason? Our country (or the Sultan?) has 50% of the shares and thus, we are not in the situation Nigeria is in. I am glad and feel blessed.DSC04917 Anyway how, I do realise things about climate change. Not living in denial. Little things do count. One person effort is something. But how to fight against the big ones? Money makes the world turns and where do our future stand? =(

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Food Trip (Sorta) 21.09.2009

It was a pretty spontaneous plan. Late night decision. Early morning plan! =D All prepared but Wen Hao is always living on Malaysian timing. He is a Malaysian, nevermind lah! LOLDSC04819 All went to Khoo’s place. All squeezed into Khoo’s family car! Eight of us! DSC04832 Went out for dim sum =) Not too bad =)21092009124 Then went having a trip round Khoo’s resident area (again!). I do enjoy that because the houses there damn big and unique. I still love the house with basement! =DDSC04869 Then we went to their club house and also the show room! DSC04862 Damn nice models of villas! I want to live in one! (no pictures in showroom)21092009099 Went home (Khoo’s) for some tummy rest LOL (JJ joined us sometime here) They all sang K. 21092009118 I went online. Had some “learning” to do. So many people lecturing me at one go. So many people listening me out. It is good somehow to release. But I am determined to ignore. Those people who love the demos, want to pull their legs, want to stay close thinking its oh-so-good, just hang on yeah, do remember to hang on tightly. Do NOT pull me in please. If you did, please stop!21092009119 Anyway, I had lots of chocolates to de-stress and also to keep my sanity. And also to up my endorphins! =D I also had mooncake! Charcoal one =) All in my tummy, no pictures =P 21092009131 Tried to do work but obviously failed. Not long after, went out for dinner (supposed lunch) HAHAHA… This time nine in the car =P Mostly is because of the security too tight at Khoo’s housing area!21092009132 Reached the place but it was still closed. We made a big turn back and went to the lake =) Had fun there.21092009149 Chasing ducks. Going up tree house. Cycling. It was all good times. DSC00736 Thanks people =) I enjoyed a lot despite many work left undone =P21092009160 Went back to the place for dinner. ITS OPENED. 21092009183 And the food was superb! 21092009193 I love everything, especially the “zhu hun geng” and the squid with mint sauce! =D21092009190 After dinner, went to Khoo’s house and off we go home! =D Thanks so much everyone for such a fantastic trip =)

(More pictures in Facebook. Kind of lazy to upload pictures here because the pictures are jumbled up. Most pictures not so good quality as I used my phone =( Sorry!)

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Bubba Gump 20th September 2009

Brought Ann to Bubba Gump =) Mostly also because I want to try it =P Hope Ann enjoyed it.DSC04802 The service was so good that I left tips for the girl =) Real friendly service =)DSC04756 DSC04757 Food was good. Had this Shrimper’s Heaven. DSC04772 I like this a lot… DSC04778 Not really this one. DSC04777 The chowder was absolute yumminess! DSC04768 The mash potato was not too bad =) DSC04770 And I absolutely love my drink! (Cause got banana inside =P) DSC04765 Ann’s drink =) Not too bad.DSC04766 Could not finish the food. When we were both full.. there were this much left. DSC04782 We did try to stuff ourselves crazy though. From the other table… DSC04783This is what left of the kid who came later than us but finished way quicker than us ==” DSC04801 After the heavy dinner, went shopping. DSC04812 Totally broke! But was very happy =D Thank you Ann! =D

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