Something to remember

There were these three things that a very close friend of mine told me. And I never pondered over such things. Sometimes, it had to be someone else who tell you about how a person you are that you realised there is something you have to change.

My friend said:

1. I am still like a school girl, unable to manage my emotions well.

2. When I have already made my decision to like/hate someone, it would most likely stay as such.

3. It is very easy for me to give but very hard for me to take.

Oh well, the three points do make some sense. The first one was way too prejudiced. School girls are rather more emo freak or something? LOL

And yeah, I am a stubborn cookie! =P It takes a lot to make me hate someone though. And it takes way more for me to undo that hatred. But it can take very little to make me like someone a lot. Hmm.. haha.. Oh well, I do not usually hate, I just dislike lah =P

And the third point, sadly, I find it true. And this somehow make people feel I am weird? I do not know. Probably it is just my upbringing. I do not mind helping others and I do need help at times. When I can really do it, I do hope I do it myself. *ego and pride again* And just many a times, I also do not know how to ask for help. TT Nevermind, I will learn. =)

And this is something to be kept here so I can come back in the future and see if things changed on my side? =P I just hope to be more emotionally well and not easily affected by what others do to me (or what I assume others do to me LOL)


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