Elated =))

I do not know if it is The Book that made me feel happier or is it because my very determined decision to stay happy. Oh well, let’s just credit The Book because it taught me to be very determined to want something. Like if I were to want “happiness”, it would not come to me if I am not determined enough.IMG_4613 However, The Book also teaches NOT to be determined about not wanting something. This is because it is impossible to NOT think about something you do not want. Like if you say I do not want to eat. But the word “eat” appeared and you will link it to food. Thus, you are already thinking about it. Similarly, about forgiveness, I shall not dwell on trying hard to forgive. Or to forget. I shall just try to go on with life.IMG_4564 Move a little off course a bit, the other day, I saw a poster on “Forgive” which is something about Christianity stuff for the CF in Monash. I thought it will benefit me because I seriously need some lesson on it. But right after that, the talk did not make me realise more things. It is just me still playing a tug-of-war with “Forgive”. It is a hard thing. Easy said than done. Nonetheless, I am already on the path to forgive, just I need more time and space. Back to the book…IMG_4330 It also taught me that I deserve to be here and I am not in any way inferior to my peers. So I can, without guilt, ask for help and demand for things that I want. Compromise would be the key. I seldom ask for help because… No explanation. Just the way it is. But according to this book, many people are actually willing to help as long as you try to ask and provided the circumstances allow. We learn and actually benefit from helping others. If you like to help others so much and not let others help you when you need that, it would be bad. We should not deprive the others their privilege of helping others.IMG_4788 There are so much more that I want to share but obviously it will bore you to death listen to all these philosophies. Well, just try to get hold of one copy and read it. Its “Being Happy! – A Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security” by Andrew Matthews. And a big thanks to the Him who lent me the book =D


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