Another day out =)

Another long weekend with loads of work but I am not in the mood to do any work! LOL You will see me complain more about the endless reports and assignments thereafter! (I have tonnes)

I slept only at 4am after chatting and Facebooking. Salute to me and say bye to good health! =( Nevermind. I sleep “early” and wake early too. I set alarm to wake at 9.30am but I end up waking only at 10.30am, just in time to prepare. The handyman, Khoo was going to come over at 11am to fix the light. Tagged along his car and got to Pyramid by 1pm. Went to hunt for a bear and some fresh flowers for Yan Wan. IMG_4743 Lucky I got there early so that they can wrap the bouquet =) IMG_4741I spent my time having Auntie Anne’s and reading =D When the time came, I went to get the bouquet. IMG_4745 Not what I wanted but it was still alright. And after getting it, I was a bit lost as to how to get to cinema (yes, no sense of direction) IMG_4749 And suddenly Jeou Yee sms-ed me telling me he just arrived! He came and meet me at where I was and we got to cinema. IMG_4752 Waited for the others to come =) Watched UP =) (with Jeou Yee, Fimtan, Michelle, Ying Xuan, Lee Ming and Shane Tan). I was depressed when Ellie and Carl found out they could not have babies! I cried when Ellie died TT Heart got shattered when the mailbox got ripped off =(  But there were many funny parts too! Kevin and Dug are cute =DIMG_4758 After the movie, I went straight to Yan Wan’s convo! Got there with some help from some people =) Thanks! =D Hid in a secluded corner. And waited while enjoying the view and observing some people haha IMG_4761 Yan Wan has now officially graduated. Met her family again =) And this time her grandmother came too hehe. IMG_4772 She insisted that I take a picture with her brother (became more good looking! =D) I stayed for awhile only. Saw many familiar faces but not in the mood to say hi. IMG_4768 Just greeted a few and ran! LOL (not comfortable wearing the new white shirt.. tell more about the shirt later)  IMG_4776 IMG_4777 Thereafter, met the others at Bubba Gump. Went to buy some stuff and off to Secret Recipe *again* Cakes. I had the most cake this semester. IMG_4784IMG_4786 Hehe! And I think its enough! =P Therafter, they went to arcade while I went walking around with Jeou Yee. Guess what? Jeou Yee brought me my favourite! =D I thought he was joking but he actually brought them and in three different flavours! Thank you! =D (and sorry I did not get to eat dinner with you!)IMG_4751 And (as someone say I always rant and complain) here goes the thing about my white shirt. That is the only blouse I brought from Brunei. It was bought by my aunt for CNY 2009 but I did not wear it. So it is practically new. And I like it a lot especially its very comfortable. I know it will be eventhough I have not worn it yet because it is from M&S-Autograph. but the wrapper from the bouquet marked many pink/purple patches on it. I called home (rather than trusting Jeou Yee) to my mom. Mom always knows best what!? Hehe.. Hope the stains go away! =D


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