I actually got over losing my camera. Serious. After an hour nap. And after BR trip. And also after so much comfort from friends and family. And also after talking to my mom-in-law Anais’s mom.

And I am contemplating to get a new one. My dad’s not going to get me  a new one. My sister just told me my aunt’s face turned sour when she heard I want a new camera. My uncle was actually there! And he does not fancy the idea of getting me a new camera too. =( So they all said NO! =(( And they all say I can have my aunt’s Canon. Which is pretty new too in relative to the camera I lost. But… I figure I want my own one TT Anyway, we shall see how TT

But I still cannot get over losing all the pictures inside that I have not uploaded to my laptop TT My precious pictures and some videos too I think TT *teary eyed*

Do you think they can pass me the pictures/videos but just keep the camera? I will certainly feel better. As someone said, it might be my karma; in my past life, I stole someone’s camera and thus I lost mine now. I so hope in my past life I did actually return the person’s pictures and videos (if that person got such canggih camera already lah at that time) Or perhaps that camera did not have any pictures/videos in it? Please do return my pictures/videos TT Thank you!

Ok, stop dreaming, who would actually return them? TT If they were so nice, they would have just returned me my camera.

Oh yeah, I was actually thinking of getting a green Canon. Yesterday, I saw for the first ever time closely and found out that the colour is not that nice afterall. And I want wide angle oneeeee… So I am not getting fancy colours. Now looking at  Ixus 110. Any other comments? ONLY CANON please. Digital Compact. Nothing else. Thanks. (But I do not mind people telling me about Lumix =P)


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    Only canon?? y??Nikon le..I'm Nikonians 😛

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