Food Trip (Sorta) 21.09.2009

It was a pretty spontaneous plan. Late night decision. Early morning plan! =D All prepared but Wen Hao is always living on Malaysian timing. He is a Malaysian, nevermind lah! LOLDSC04819 All went to Khoo’s place. All squeezed into Khoo’s family car! Eight of us! DSC04832 Went out for dim sum =) Not too bad =)21092009124 Then went having a trip round Khoo’s resident area (again!). I do enjoy that because the houses there damn big and unique. I still love the house with basement! =DDSC04869 Then we went to their club house and also the show room! DSC04862 Damn nice models of villas! I want to live in one! (no pictures in showroom)21092009099 Went home (Khoo’s) for some tummy rest LOL (JJ joined us sometime here) They all sang K. 21092009118 I went online. Had some “learning” to do. So many people lecturing me at one go. So many people listening me out. It is good somehow to release. But I am determined to ignore. Those people who love the demos, want to pull their legs, want to stay close thinking its oh-so-good, just hang on yeah, do remember to hang on tightly. Do NOT pull me in please. If you did, please stop!21092009119 Anyway, I had lots of chocolates to de-stress and also to keep my sanity. And also to up my endorphins! =D I also had mooncake! Charcoal one =) All in my tummy, no pictures =P 21092009131 Tried to do work but obviously failed. Not long after, went out for dinner (supposed lunch) HAHAHA… This time nine in the car =P Mostly is because of the security too tight at Khoo’s housing area!21092009132 Reached the place but it was still closed. We made a big turn back and went to the lake =) Had fun there.21092009149 Chasing ducks. Going up tree house. Cycling. It was all good times. DSC00736 Thanks people =) I enjoyed a lot despite many work left undone =P21092009160 Went back to the place for dinner. ITS OPENED. 21092009183 And the food was superb! 21092009193 I love everything, especially the “zhu hun geng” and the squid with mint sauce! =D21092009190 After dinner, went to Khoo’s house and off we go home! =D Thanks so much everyone for such a fantastic trip =)

(More pictures in Facebook. Kind of lazy to upload pictures here because the pictures are jumbled up. Most pictures not so good quality as I used my phone =( Sorry!)


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