KL 22.09.2009

Seriously, I have been going out way too much and neglecting my work. I work well under time pressure. But I do still force myself to sit in front of my laptop and get some work done. I did so successfully (with 70% of the time chatting, facebooking and reading blogs) Damn underachieved. But at least I am not stressed out =PDSC04890 Anyway, today woke up very early. I slept only a few hours and then nap twice in the day. Just so I can do some work. I did my work until about 2pm. Then prepared to go to KL. Ann wanted to go to Petaling Street. It was her plan all along. Usually when I get there, its either too early or we reached just in time for dinner only. LOLDSC04877 Since I know Petaling Street would be livelier in the evening only, I made the decision to just go there at 3pm.DSC04875 Scoured the streets for what Ann wanted. Mission accomplished! Left with changing her BND and pounds to RM and to eat her guai ling gou.DSC04876 All done and we decided to have the late lunch, or more like dinner? HAHA… DSC04913 Went to Pavillion and chose the premium dining area. Level 6.  DSC04892DSC04893 DSC04907 DSC04910 DSC04911DSC04903Prices are alright =) Two sets and two drinks and the bill was less than RM70 =D Nice ambience. Food was not too bad =)DSC04901 Then to Grand Millennium for the screening of “Age of Stupid” Large parts were in French. Been so long I did not hear that tongue. Miss Paris a lot. And very glad that I can still make out what was said =)DSC04916 Shell was being targeted a lot. =( Not to say I support Shell with all the activities of them in Nigeria etc. I *surprise* actually do know of the situation in Nigeria. Threats, kidnaps etc happening and none wanted to work in Nigeria. When ever you get around, you need high security there. And people who was sent there, their pay got increased dramtically. Good pay but dangerous work. That was all for Total (The third biggest oil service provider company, Shell is the largest one.).DSC04918 But, you all know what? There is no Petronas, Exxon Mobil or their likes in Brunei. Only Shell. Had Brunei not been wise, I bet we would be living in a worse off condition! And I do not have the privilege I am enjoying now. Reason? Our country (or the Sultan?) has 50% of the shares and thus, we are not in the situation Nigeria is in. I am glad and feel blessed.DSC04917 Anyway how, I do realise things about climate change. Not living in denial. Little things do count. One person effort is something. But how to fight against the big ones? Money makes the world turns and where do our future stand? =(


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