Busy bee…

I have been real busy. Well, as always. Ann was here and I had a jammed pack time with her along with completing my assignments and reports. It bad cause I did not get to accompany her much.

And yesterday, just completed another two whole full report in a day! Talk about efficiency. But really glad that there were so many that helped me out =D Teaching me and guiding me on the reports. ❤ Thanks ❤

And I finished all my work RIGHT BEFORE my lab session! *Proud* Right after everything is done and settled, we went for lunch. Quite a long one. Walked around Pyramid, shopped for things for JJ. Yeah… JJ… He is down with dengue. On Thursday evening he seem so fine but yesterday, he looked totally worn out.

After visiting JJ in the hospital, we went to Asia Cafe. Do not know what to eat? Always end up there! HAHA.. I had a very very full meal. The ikan bakar was were not too bad =D *yumyum*

Came back home and got my deserved nap. Pack for THIS MORNING =D Super excited! Yay! Hope the day will not go emoooooo =D And everyone, good day to you all!

P.s. I am now having my mis sem break. But with loads of assignments and reports. Haih. And time table is out. EXAMS soon! >< Oh well, enjoy first for now! =P Happy day everyone! =D


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