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Most probably…

I am switching to WordPress. That is why.

Not giving up on blogging just yet =P

Still working on it because WordPress and I just met. But I think I shall not update here anymore =) As usual, this blog will be locked after a few months.

Most probably after I return from Shanghai then? But, yeah, could be before too HAHA

When you all are free, change the web linkie or your bookmarks for my blog =P *click click* That link will lead you to my new blog with no new posts at all as for now.

This blog did not last as much as I wanted. Not even a year. Anyway how, it still documents a large part of my second year as uni student =)

And for now, I *again* hope that the new blog would last and I won’t change as much =P

Cheers. And good luck to everyone; for everything! ❤


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30th October 2009

… it was my mom’s birthday. Called her as usual. Seldom celebrated her birthday with her as I am always not with her. Especially last few years, I missed out on most of the family functions other than Christmas and CNY TT

When I called her, as usual, she never picks up! Had to call my dad to get to her. Wen Hao was there when I called and he had to ask me is that your fake mom. Seriously, she IS my mom!


Celebrated Jasmine’s birthday a day late! Was not such a surprise for her though it was meant to be one. Video is on Facebook for view. =) Pictures are uploaded there too.IMG_1129 I am actually tied between revising and blogging. But I do not know, my memory always fails me so i blog ASAP and at such hour (5am ==”), its really good for revision. The quietness and serenity. But, I am so distracted. Yeah, Facebook and blogs!

Actually planned to not upload much pictures to Facebook anymore due to some personal reasons. This was why there was not much pictures uploaded before this though I still constantly take them. After much thought and persuasion from a few friends, I felt that it is just so stupid. So, the pictures are up on Facebook but limited to friends view. [Do not make much difference though!]IMG_1148 Sorry, I diverged. We surprised her and ate the cakes. Not bad =) I love butter! HAHAHA.. But I must say, the Opera I had in Paris, they are way better than this! Even the macarrons! I think those [Pink one on the cake] are not even real macarrons. Anyway, if have chance, try the authentic ones. Or let’s go Paris!! HAHAIMG_1180 Loads of cam whoring and then dinner at Papa John’s =) Been a place I wanted to go even before it opened in Pyramid. Told Wen Hao about it long ago and when I heard they decided to go there, was so elated! Hehe…Been too long I did not go to new places/restaurants.IMG_1192 After dinner, we went shopping. Been a long time I did not shop I think! I do not even remember when was the last time I step in Pyramid. Opps.. forgot! I did shop in KLCC! LOL. Last was the Top Shop leather purse. And now three tops from Padini. Sinful sales. OMG. Should stop spending and save for Shanghai lah!IMG_1174 But through out the evening till before I had my ungodly nap at 11.30pm till 1am, I felt so heavy headed and drowsy. Thanks to the coffee right outside the library. Always during exam period. Not blaming anyone alright?

I do not know why. I am trying to accept coffee too! TT haven’t been any success this year and seemed to have gone worse. =( Next year try again, alright? =D Ok, enough of all these. Back to revision! Wait! Happy birthday to my dear beloved mummy and also Jasmine Foo! =D


P.s. realised I do not have much recent pictures with my family. Go back Brunei shall cam whore!

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Should stay optimistic…

Lots of things happening. Bringing me down. But I am trying to be optimistic. Trying real hard! *pushing the limits* I really want to stay optimistic and be hype about holidays (which means Shanghai!) but it does not help when there is a feeling that I won’t do well for Cell Met and Recomb DNA.

I am still very unsure about Instrumental Analysis and *looked around for the exam timetable* forgot what the other unit is! SHIT! ooo.. Crop Sci! haih

I slept more than 12 hours mostly per day. So, you can go figure about my revision. So unlike last semester when I studied more than twelve hours per day! Kid. You. Not! I slept like five hours only then?

First year was really a breeze for me. One year off my studies and study the night before, I did alright. Except for Psychology which I have no basics in at all, I managed to still do alright with last minute studies. Ok, to be honest, I am not smart. It is just that MOST were in MCQs! ==” Year 2 is the shit, the real shit. Year 3? TT

I do not like memorising stuff. Never good at it too. My memory on a daily basis is already bad enough else I would not need a blog to jot everything down lah. Still expecting all these memorization for all four units. Damn!

If I am really taking the research unit in the last semester, I think I can really say bye bye to it already. I won’t be able to maintain that required grade!

Always before and after my exams, I would call my uncle to tell him I expect what and what this semester. This time, I do not feel like calling. I have been making more emails and MSN or third party contact with him more! And also because he is constantly not in Brunei. Now he is in Manila.

One of the reasons is because I know I would cry due to a few personal things that I am going through. Also because I felt the NEED to tell him I would just want to stop studying and get away! Disappointment is what I meant! TT

I need playground and ice cream! But I have insufficient time to revise! HOW? BRING ME MY ICE CREAM AND PLAYGROUND!

Blogging has always been the therapeutic way for me. But why after this not-meant-to-be-negative-but-turned-out-negative post, my heart is still so heavy? TT

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Molly Margaret!

The fish is still alive!!! =D Mr Jo Kien, sorry, did not mean to accuse you! IMG_1115Thanks to Tse Yuen! =) And yeah… its name is Molly Margaret LOL. Sounds like we cursing “Margaret”! HAHA…IMG_1112 And some changes to next semester units. Most probably I would consider doing all my core units for the first semester first. Have to talk/sort it out first though. Anyway how, I am still pretty excited about the third year project! =D

Maybe most of you won’t be able to fathom how I, in a laboratory setting, think that  staring at larvae-pupa-nymph-adult dragonfly or damselfly growing is very fascinating.

Tell you what! I think going out to the nature and collect the larvae and grow them yourself, then describe them make more than just fun! Let’s not talk about the sweat and sigh for now. That’s for another time =P 

This is so much like having your own pet or baby or whatever but YET different in another sense! Its oh-so-different from having kept fish/turtle/dog/seahorse (yeah I used to have two of them =D)IMG_1117 Ok, you catch my drift?

Tsk… nevermind. Let me syok sendiri lah! =P

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No confirmation on the air tickets except one which I am flying back on soon! Hmm.. means changes. Oh well, just too many things to do and no flights will be confirmed till I met the doctor and get advise ><

Everyone, best of luck in everything. We never know what the future holds for us. Just stand strong and face every day positively =)

*collecting as much luck as possible*

But I know I need more than just luck. Hope determination and support will pull me through this journey =) *I assume everyone will give me their well wishes unless they have a cold/steel heart =P* Thanks for any well wishing ; be it for health or exams or both =D

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I always thought it is inherent in everyone.

I read through some old blog posts of others today and something beamed: “Kindness is not obligatory”.

Thinking back, I think so too. It is some where in my brain, stuck some where. If not, why would it take me so much courage to just ask for a help?

Reading a book back then offered to me by Mr Tan, it said we can always ask for help as people need to feel the need others need from them. However, when people do not respond to your help, it might just be circumstances that made it impossible. People would help if possible. And I think so too.

Just there is no need for people to go to lengths just to help. Because… kindness is not obligatory! But still I think I will still try my best to help if the need arises. Highly depends on who you are. Kindness is not obligatory…

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RIP, Fish!

When we got into lab, we thought there was no one. But saw a laptop and some other stuff on Tajang’s bench. Thought it was him there. Only to find Jo Kien back there after. And he is the murderer! TT

I forgot to take a picture of it. Came back to only find it lost. I think Jo Kien threw it away already TT

RIP, Fish!

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