I have been very lazy! LOL even in updating my blog *Surprise!* HAHAHAIMG_0500 But oh well, I am here now =P And mainly cause I want to blog about how they are doing the fogging now =) But let me rattle on about what I did first =PIMG_0452 On the 30th of Sept, evening, I went for a walk around the block. Of course, with someone else lah! IMG_0448 I would not want to wander around there alone =P Found out there is a nice lil “park”. Saw a cute dog but did not dare to approach it HAHA.IMG_0469 Saw a baby boy who reminds me so much of Heng Heng (Uncle Robert’s son!) But Heng Heng has nicer dimples adn bigger eyes =) IMG_0466 This lil boy want to play with me but his shrieks sound so much like crying that I ran away! HAHAHA IMG_0467 Then there was this lil girl who loves pictures a lot but she does not smile =(IMG_0470 On the 1st of Oct, early in the morning, went downstairs for breakfast. My first time ever although I have been here for like half a year? HAHA.. IMG_0492 Do not really wander around here. If you stay here, most probably you will not want to wander alone around the area here =P

IMG_0481 *The market place where we sometimes get vegetables and stuff*IMG_0484 IMG_0483*The breakfast place*

They only offer curry mee, wantan mee and yee mee! LOL. I AM SERIOUS. IMG_0482 Ok, they have one type of dimsum (siew mai I think), few type of paus (char siew, peanuts, vege and another two kinds – forgot what) and glutinous rice with chicken (lo mai kai!). Erm.. the food is “comme si comme ca” (so so in French) lah! =PIMG_0499 Then at night, I went out for ARCHERY! First time =) IMG_0495It was kinda fun except that I did not get the yellow target. IMG_0497I got the red target once and got the blue one a few times. Got the white one most LOL (which is OUT lah!) tsk tskIMG_0498 Third is mine. Those on the yellow targets should be rightfully mine but too bad, I do not have such luck skills (just yet!)

Went home and do the usual (MSN, FB, blog etc) and napped. Turned out I slept till the next morning ==”IMG_0505 And ok, here comes today! This morning two guys came over and request to look at our toilets. I refused to let them in since I am playing home alone. I am rather paranoid, I know. HAHA.. But as Hayden says, its better to be safe than sorry! IMG_0519 I told them I do not feel safe to allow them in because I am alone (serious!) and they talked to me and handed me a pamphlet. The pamphlet all in MALAY! Did they not know many foreigners stay here? @@IMG_0520 And you get fine for “rearing” those mosquitoes. My Malay is not that good but this is what they made it sounds like. As if people will purposely have them in their house LOL

Quite friendly but I know the toilet does not have stagnant water lah! (I do not know about the boys’ toilet though)IMG_0517 And in the evening, I heard a loud noise. Kind of annoyed by it so I had my songs louder =P I then opened the door to peek at what was going on! I was nearly suffocated ==” IMG_0516They were fogging (five dengue cases already!) The smell was horrendous. So much like my medication when I have sore throat. The thing that you dissolve and gargle? I can never gargle and will end up vomit. How I hate that. But I opened the door a lil still =) *paranoid* Hope I do not get dengue!


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