Bukit Cahaya 3rd October 2009

Was at Bukit Cahaya for the second time =) This time, no adventure stuff. Just cycling. Three hours of it. Tiring but very satisfying.IMG_0617Cycling is somehow a very happy thing for me. Maybe it is heavily linked to my uncle and my childhood =) And the only outdoor activity I am ok with. IMG_0527I can’t swim despite all those learning at the private guest house and fun at hotel pools. I do not play badminton well. Ok, anything with balls cause I have ball-o-phobia. Ridiculous you say, whatever!IMG_0631 This is the real moment for me to capture more pictures using my new camera! Damn happy =) Lost my one and a half years old camera, felt so lost myself. Bought a new one and in big debt (for my age and status). But extremely happy =DIMG_0561 OK, sorry, I diverged, should be talking about my cycling at Bukit Cahaya. Went with Sharron and Mr Tan too and so glad Sharron enjoyed the trip =) IMG_0682 She told me this is her happiest holiday ever since she came to Sunway for studies. Is this not something so sweet?IMG_0608 So this time, went to see more things that I did not have the chance to see last time due to time constrains and also tiredness then!IMG_0530 We wanted to visit the Four Seasons Temperate Garden last time but it was down for maintenance. IMG_0536 And yeah, Sharron loves winter. Ok, snow to be exact. I just know she would really love to go in. IMG_0538 We paid three each to go in. What a scam!? It was just the summer that was on display TT IMG_0545 Anyway, I still enjoyed and took loads of pictures of flowers. IMG_0574 IMG_0575 But I think I still love this flower somewhere near the Tower a lot more. IMG_0632 IMG_0622 It smells so nice when you just pass by that area =) IMG_0635 Went up a tower. IMG_0629 More like a tree house. IMG_0636 It was a steep climb too. IMG_0641 We went to mushroom farm too. IMG_0618 See no real mushrooms but someone was doing some open burning there. What a disgrace! IMG_0681 Then went to see Orchid Garden. Totally abandoned TT It was a very hard uphill pedaling ok! How could they do this to us? TT IMG_0679 Went to the Cultural House and did not get to go in TT Sigh! IMG_0623 And the Hydroponic! LE SIGH! IMG_0624 All dead or not growing ==”IMG_0687 Saw loads of monkeys! OMG. But they did not come chasing. Nonetheless, still a very terrifying sight lah!IMG_0548Overall, I think I had fun in the Four Seasons Temperate Garden although it seemed like a scam. (tsk tsk) Oh oh.. and also at the Spice and Beverage Garden.  IMG_0660 It is tend by Indonesians who plant potatoes, chilli, brinjal, okra etc.. for themselves yet to beautify the place. IMG_0666 At it was here I saw what the annoying noises were. It was probably the US Airforce (Mr Tan, 2009). IMG_0670 I had fun playing with binoculars too. I want a bino! Ok, stop dreaming. A good bino does not come cheap. TT IMG_0665 I enjoyed playing but I think Sharron was bored LOL But after all, I think we all had great fun =D How could cycling not be fun? IMG_0662 Thanks for such great company and outing =D


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