Air tickets~

Air tickets… Air tickets…

Non stop! =S So fed up with dates and times and flights now.

1. 11th November 2009: KL – Brunei (MAS) [Negotiating]

2. 20th November 2009: Brunei – KL (MAS) [Negotiating]

3. 28th November 2009: KL – Shanghai (MAS) [DONE]

4. 11th January 2010: Hangzhou – KL (Air Asia) [DONE]

5. 13th January 2010: KL – Brunei (MAS) [Negotiating]

6. 26th February 2010: Brunei – KL (MAS) [Negotiating]

Looking at the prices of air tickets. OMG how much will I spend just on flying? TT And I still want to go somewhere else for holiday/CNY trip!

Singapore? Kuching? Sabah? Perth? Macau? Hong Kong? OMG Macau and HK damn expensive ok? Hotel stay already can die! TT

OK, most probably no CNY trips. I know why and I know I can’t do anything about it. Wishful thinking. Let me bask under it for awhile! ><


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