I forgot what time I went to sleep. Probably 1am ++? I was trying to be as productive as I was yesterday where I slept very little but got more works done in university. I wanted the same for today so I went to sleep at the aforementioned time so I could wake at 4am.

I woke right at that time, but sadly, my hand hurts a lot. But not to the point of me rolling on the bed crying. I still tried to go out and do some work. I thought I could tolerate the pain. And the pain will go away slowly until it creeps back in when I go to rest what? But it was too much for me. Go back to bed wishing it was all a dream.

I woke at 7am again (due to the alarm I set) and realised my hand’s really pain. Could not move to my side and sleep. Laid on my back thinking what I should do. Eat Ponstan? Bandage it? Slather on the gel? I eventually fell asleep again until a strong thud on my door.

Realised the time and also the pain on my hand, I would not be able to get ready in time to go university. Home is the option then. Its been roughly two and a half hours since I woke up, I still feel the pain =/

Why can’t I always remember not to put strength on my left hand? Or probably it was not the dishes, it was me showering around midnight last night? Should not be too much typing because I have been doing it a lot ever since God-knows-when! Arghhh…

I still feel very defeated in this journey called L.I.F.E. Hope this month pass quickly and November exams fly by so I get to go on a fun trip (if it is really on!), fly to Shanghai and experience short term student life in new city, then truly enjoy my short summer holiday of about a month only and CNY!

How will third year be like? Ok, I am a bit far off. Go back to doing work please! TT


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