10th October 2009

The date itself should be good enough a reason to update blog =) It somehow just means “perfect” in Chinese =) If you all ever noticed the advertisements for watch and clocks, the clocks or watches (analogue) will always be 10:10 am/pm.IMG_0896 Anyway, today is a full day! Supposed to go for the Photomarathon. I set the alarm and all ready to go actually. But I went to snooze it until 8am (OMG!) and just continued to sleep till 10.43am TT So, yeah, the reason is not the alarm failed me. ><IMG_0883 Anyway, time flies and by the time I realised, I had very little time to shower and prepare myself. I did so and went to Monash slightly earlier than planned. IMG_0871 Meaghan was not done with her preparations so we were there to helped her get them done. Then, onto a quick lunch. Off to Dr Cathy’s house. The dogs were… scary LOL. IMG_0958 OK, they are friendly but I only dare to go near Lucy =) *Stop giving that surprised face look* I petted it! Hehe =)

And went to the stream to leave some leaf samples in bags…IMG_0885 Then to the polluted drain…IMG_0913IMG_0902 Then to the more polluted drain…IMG_0949 Saw monkeys around… Scary sight if I was out of the car. But oh well, people there feed them and play with them… I would have run! The Penang Botanical Garden experience was scary enough LOLIMG_0933 Anyway, was a nice time for me =) Had fun trudging through the waters in my shoes. Expected it already though I did not use the old shoes. Just wanted to walk in something more comfortable. I know New Balance is good and comfortable. Just, Nike is a much more comfortable one! =)IMG_0965 After that we all went home. The research unit thing keep sprouting up in my mind again. Been thinking it since last semester after Li Jin’s presentation. After that i shrugged it off figuring it might be a bit too hard. And aquatic let me go and have more fun probably. Then, aquatic, no more trips..IMG_0908 Ok still have lah, go to the place I went just now. Hmm.. if I take up the research unit under Dr Cathy on the topic she mentioned, I could be doing something either related to Brunei (Yeah, Dr Cathy plans to go there for research!) or also at the very same place. So, why not?IMG_0920 But I have loads to consider. First is my family. So, I called home to get things figured out. I called to ask about their trip to KL actually. Then about my trip to Shanghai. Forgot to mention about the research unit and also about my camera (I decided to not hide from them since I usually do not do so) So I called the second time. =)IMG_0907 They were still worried about my hand. I feel so guilty. But yeah, I could not do much. Just now, while climbing up from the second place we went to, I exerted my whole body force on it again. Quite painful and it went on being a bit sore. Now, it still feels funny. Its alright I think, I am coping =)IMG_0911 And my family is not resentful about the environmental thingy now. (Maybe cause the last time my uncle came, I told him loads about how fun environmental was) They kinda allow and say it will be ok if I think I can cope. =) I did mention about all the forests and sampling. They are cool with it =) Yay!IMG_0921 Ok ok, they did mention about my skin condition, my hand and also DENGUE >< I re-iterate to them about the first hand experience on research. I sounded a bit skeptical yet excited then I think.IMG_0882 I also told them I might want to take a unit in second semester of year 3 which might need an extra thousand or so. They say to see how then but should be alright. I told them I think it is a bit too expensive. They were shocked and asked me if it is in USD! LOL. Since it is in RM and I get to do what I want, they were very willing =) I feel so happy, blessed, everything nice all together! =) I ❤ my family.


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