Morning thoughts

  • Why is it that when you hide or refuse to say/show your problems, people say that you have that you put your ego too high? Yet, when you say/show it, people say you are craving for attention?
  • Why do people like settling into comfort zone and not move towards something exciting? I settled into the so-called comfort zone for sometime and got scalded. I think it is time to get out of it. Maybe, comfort zone like this is not meant for me.
  • Still pretty excited about doing a research unit. I wonder if the aquatic unit ever has a trip to see the turtles, can I tag along?
  • Wondering if I can actually cope with research unit (Environmental). I should be thinking about a lot more other immediate stuff. But this is kinda near too since we have to get it settled this semester for enrolment!
  • What am I really thinking when I plan to do the research unit? Fun and excitement? The Monash Experience (Yule, 2009)? Or is it an escape plan? Hmm…

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