My grandma

She looks so much more frail now =(( On wheel chair now. She just got some injection into the synovial fluid or something? Not really clear what the injection was. But yeah, her legs conditions not good.IMG_1086 This makes them worry about my condition more =( I do not like this but I have to cope. And yeah I will see the specialist soon. No choice but to be a good patient now. I have to remember that even if the pain is minor or not too much, I still should not strain my wrist! *pump it into my head!!!* HAHAHAHAIMG_1092 I am still very optimistic. I got over the period of “no hope” =) Anyway, back to my grandma, guess she was really tired after the flight but still came to meet me. See how she misses me made me so want to cry.IMG_1096 She could not understand what I am studying and doing here in Sunway. But I get her to talk about my life here and things around. Places I go to and will go to, etc… And about generally everything. I made a quick walk away from the hotel after I kissed her goodbye. She seemed like she want to cry. OK, I wanted to cry too =( I miss my family =( Well, not long again =)IMG_1082 Felt happy actually. My dad got me half of the goodies he bought for me from Thailand. My aunt got me my favourite home made banana walnut raisin cake =) Went shopping and finally got my genuine leather purse (yes, I am particular about the leather). Got DARK chocs =) And more Famous Amos =) And some other random stuff. Owhh owhhh. I had Haagen Dazs with Meaghan and her aunt =)

Feeling tired but totally awesome now =) I still miss my family. Tomorrow, I shall start working hard and revise =) And lack of pictures because my camera ran out of battery =( Would have loved to get more pictures!


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