Its true when we are away from family, we need more help than ever from friends. But, when you rarely ask for help, its such a hard thing to do. So what if it is ego?

I grew up without asking for help most of the time, I think. I was being helped most of the time. You can say its me being spoilt or me being pampered or whatever. But when I really do ask for help, be it minor or not, and people who saw it gave such a response, I do not know how to take it.

You helped sincerely. I would too because its all just for my friends. My sincere friends, you said. I would never have minded at all. But when you are the person who is at the receiving end, it just felt so different. Other people do not feel the trouble but I do.

No, I am not even taking it for granted. I appreciate those help a lot. Just when people start talking, I mind a lot. You say to not care what people say. I tell you what! I mind. I do mind. Yeah, I am that shallow. Stubborn. Whatever….

Really, be it shallow or stubborn, does it make a difference? People already judged. Nonetheless, I can tell you, I appreciate helps a lot. And I would also never reject people who need my help because I do know how hard it is to ASK for help. Especially when its a friend in need. Thanks for always being there for me when I needed it. And sorry for I am that shallow stubborn.


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