Been a long long time that I have not used blogger itself to update my blog. I am now in library with Wen Hao who is sleeping so comfortably LOL
Felt like putting some thoughts down. It dawned me that next year will most probably be my last year in Monash University and my life is up for another drastic change. Ok, maybe not a drastic one. Just, I would be working after I graduate; be it in Brunei or other places. Hopefully another new city?
Been also thinking how I just met Meaghan and I miss her dearly already all the time. I see her less nowadays so I make an effort to eat lunch with her and walk her to labs/she walks me to library or where ever I am revising at. I do miss some other new people I met along my time here but I cannot do much, can I?
So many things running through my head! Been thinking why I rant a lot. Or was it just normal for people to rant? Is complaining a way to release something in ourselves? Yesterday, I woke up from my night nap feeling pain in my wrist. I just randomly spam a few people about it and went back to revise. Is this a psycho-therapy? LOL
Its been known that many describe me as a very bubbly person (To Wen Hao, I am not bubbly cause bubbly applies to cute people only! ><) But I suddenly felt its bad people know me as a bubbly person and slowly change the image to being a sad person. Again, according to Wen Hao, its just this semester. LOL. I told him most probably next semester I would rant still but about how much work I have till I do not have a life. HAHA.. we shall see!
Anyway, let me rant about one more thing… My hand hurts TT Ok, a lil only lah! And got a slight headache (or fever?) this morning. Hopefully its not inflammation again! Now I am feeling better anyway! =D Wish me all the best alright? Good luck in revision everyone =) And stay sane! =P

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